Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Third Trimester!!

I am in my 3rd trimester!

I also have the most wonderful husband ever cause I was able to do this yesterday:

He went to Big.Lots and bought me this wonderful 16x9 pool with a pump! I have wanted to be swimming cause it is SO hot!! He set it all up and everything and when I got home from school he said "Let's go swimming!" Oh it was like heaven! For a few hours I was almost weightless! I floated on my noodles and loved every second!! I can't wait to get in it today! I just need that pool to last until I have these babies!!

I welcomed my third trimester this morning with feeling like I was back in my first trimester! I was back to being nauseous and throwing up... sorry. However, it did ease up.

I go back to the maternal fetal medicine dr tomorrow so more pics of my girls! I love seeing them!

Only 11 more school days left! Hopefully, I will survive... cause my body is betraying me quickly! Then "my" made up bedrest as well as floating in my pool. Ahhh... I love being a teacher for half of June, July and most of August!!