Monday, April 12, 2010

Time flies...

when you are sleep deprived, when you are chasing after twins crawling/scooting, when you are exhausted... time just goes SO fast! I want it to slow down some so I can enjoy these babies, while they are babies. I keep hearing "The next thing you'll know they'll be in college" WHAT?

So this past month:

Kristin is an expert crawler which has advanced to pulling up VERY quickly after crawling (I mean within days of crawling), to now she even "cruises" a few steps! Dear God, child slow your roll! She also said "mama" on Saturday! OMG she melted my heart! Kristin is our advanced child physically... she does everything physical about a month or more ahead of Lara.

Lara is an expert scooter- crawling ummm... not so much, that's too much effort for her- she says "I get around just fine on my belly thank you very much, mama!" She talks and talks and talks. And she was the first to melt my heart into a little puddle of mush by saying "mama" Lara is our advanced child socially. She gives kisses to us, her baby dolls, she does all the social stuff ahead of Kristin.

The one thing they agree on-

They LOVE to eat! They eat veggies with a smile and fruit... hmmm.. they make a face but then decide "well it is food so hey might as well eat it". They are just like me!

They are 8 months old now! How did this happen? I don't know myself!

We had these pics taken the other day (shhhh, don't tell on me)! They are pics of pics so they aren't the best but you can see how cute my bay-bays are!



So sorry it takes me so long- but I am busy busy busy! Trying to enjoy them so I won't regret "missing" out on them being babies.

Oh, I keep dreaming I am pregnant... what do you think that means???