Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy kid, Baby New Year, and all things good!

I am busy, busy, busy...who's not? I know. And HELLO..tis the Season to be Merry!

Finishing this last class for my master's. Growing a fetus. Trying to run a household. Trying not to lose my job... or at least not lose my schmidt at the job...and well I try not to lose it at home too. You know the norms of being a mom.

I love Christmas. I love decorating! I love the sights and the sounds and the lights! Oh the lights! I love love love Christmas. Oh I also get a little mini vacay from the job, and who doesn't love that? Part of my perks of being a teacher, since the rest of it isn't much fun or worth the pay.

The girls are doing awesome and are just so cool it is amazing! So Thanksgiving was awesome and as parents we had a little 1:1 time with each kid. That was cool and after the 100 question of "where Ra-ra go?" and "where Ti-ti at?", I think they too enjoyed some 1:1 attention.

This was Lara's time with Daddy:

Happy kid!

Kristin: although this is not from her 1:1 time, it was too cute not to share. My Little Baby New Year (with my niece)

And here is the most recent pic of baby #3...all is well and doing great. Even waved Hi there!

10 wks and 2 days. Moving right along.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the midst of badness there was goodness

I missed Halloween. Thanks to a parent for sending their sick and puking child to school on that Friday, I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday/Monday thinking I was in the throes of hell aka as morning sickness...until, well I will save you the details, just know it wasn't pretty and then OMG I was about to keel over. I called Dr M's office who stated I should probably go to the ER and get fluids.

8 hours later and a couple bags of fluids they asked if I wanted an u/s..well yes since we are here and my co-pay for an ER visit is outrageous, I might as well tack on something worth coming in here since I am missing seeing the girls in their costumes and saying "ick or tweet"


We have a heartbeat! 122 bpm which for 5wks 6 days (which I was at the time) was "normal"! I heart "normal"!

Had an appt 2 days later with Dr M and there was still a little flickering heart in there! He asked so you want to come back in 2 weeks or 4? What do you think? See ya in 2 weeks! Which was really last week, so next week we go back and I will be 8w1d.

Other than that, busy busy busy. Loving on the girls and trying to survive this last class for my master's.

Sorry no pics of the girls..I haven't uploaded and Bobby really didn't take many Halloween night cause he was overloaded and all, you know with the 2 kids and taking them trick or treating, cause being with 2 kids by yourself is hard! Just sayin'!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still holding my breath

That's the newest addition to our family whose arrival date is June 26, 2012 (which is my dad's birthday, he would have loved to seen all his grandkids). We had a good appt with Dr M. My second beta was 808. WOW! And when he did the u/s everything was "good and normal"!

Still seems surreal. We are still keeping it a secret for awhile longer. Go back in 2 weeks for another u/s to see a heartbeat...until then I can worry and analyze everything and worry some more.

Bobby asked Kristin do you want a baby brother or baby sister? She said a sister. That seems so far away! Wow, I am pregnant!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holding my breath on things....

So still! But I am trying to find a way out of here! I am hoping I got something up my sleeve so I can call it quits to teaching for at least 2 years until the girls are in school. We shall see.

I LOVE fall! It is college football season and the leaves are starting to change! I love it!

I love my girls and being with them just rocks. It is hard to imagine my life without them and boy I must have been bored before them! The girls are just awesome in every way and I can hardly believe that Bobby and I created them!

Here's some pics of them picking out their pumpkins:

Lara saying "cheese"

Kristin on top of her pumpkin

Oh and here's something else:

Shocked that we got this far. Had a Beta done on Friday at 12 dpo and it was 188. I went yesterday for one so waiting on that result. And Dr M wanted to see us when the nurse told him Friday. Probably cause he missed seeing Bobby. So I will see what he says today. Prayers for healthy please! Oh and we are keeping it on the downlow right now.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sad September

Our Mommy went back to work and that sucks! We are mad and we don't like it!

So September has started and with that it means, Mommy is back to work. I did not go easily, I went kicking and screaming. Then Irene came and though I didn't have power for days, I enjoyed having a few more days with the girls- power or no power. Isn't it pathetic, I enjoyed a hurricane cause I got to be with my kids? Sad. Now I am eyeing the tropics, just kidding...kinda. No really we were lucky in that we had minimal damage and we are all safe. It was a pain to not have power for over 4 days with 2 kids, but a generator is nice thing to have. Our area still has alot of damage.

A friend coined the term "Sad Sundays", you know the afternoon on Sundays when you realize that Monday is right around the corner and you get all glassy eyed. That's how I feel about September...and every Sunday of course but only during the school year.

Here's some of the girls 2 year portraits:

My precious Kristin

Chillin' Kristin

My loving Lara

Laughing girl

In other news, last month BFN, but I do believe I Oed on my own. I had my second 28 day cycle but with some major monitor mix up we missed prime time per se.

However, I am currently 1dpo. And I managed to get in some good BD in. So now we wait. Just hoping for whatever God has in store for us. Starting to accept that our family is probably complete. Which that's ok. But #3 would be awesome too! Time will tell!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday!

They had their birthday the Monday night. We are having their party on Sunday, since we were on vacation last week. Here's a little preview of my girls having their birthday cupcakes!

Kristin likes cupcakes


Lara kept saying "Cupcake yummy Mommy" over and over and over

Yes it is Yummy!

Had their 2 yr old appt. Got the clean bill of health which is the most important part.
Kristin is 25 lbs 5 ozs (25th) and 34 in (25th)
Lara is 22 lbs 15 ozs (10th) and 32 5/8 in (10th)

They are growing well and hitting milestones. YAY babies!

So I will confess, I cried about them turning 2. Turning one wasn't as hard for me as turning 2. Am I going to cry every year?

On the TTC front: PCOS is being a Biotch! She is effing with me and this is SO NOT COOL! All my good vibes from last month have stopped. I am CD 14 with NO ovulation in sight. Send me some healthy O dust! I need something! Since we have a limit on what we will do and how long, I just feel...ughhh!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I figured. Not surprised. Barely flinched.

I do however have the cutest girls ever! They are SO sweet it makes my heart swell with love when I hear "I oov you Mommy" sealed with a "kissey". I love that they walk over grab my face and plant one on me and say "kissey Mommy kissey" Ahhh...I love them so much it is amazing. I would do anything for them!

Here's some things we have been up to on Mommy's spell of being a SAHM for the summer.

Their first pony ride...It was awesome. Except they allowed us to put them on there and then said they both can't ride at the same time...yeah that lead to a temper tantrum... thanks!

Lara LOVED the pony ride.

Kristin also loved the pony ride but she threw herself into the mud during her tantrum so here is a cuter picture of her "Mommy oov maa" aka Mommy I love the goat. She also called the chickens "bock bock", hilarious!

I have had SO much fun with them this summer! I can't believe they are almost 2! Where has time gone? But everyday I think "Wow this age is awesome. Can I hit pause?"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Game on

Got this surprise this morning!!

Let the games begin! Bow chicka bow bow (insert wink)

And since you haven't seen them in awhile. Here's the girls!

Lara playing at the Botanical Gardens

Kristin having fun

The girls playing together.

Totally having a blast being a SAHM for the summer! Doing fun play dates, meeting up with some good friends, and trying to get them potty train, unsuccessfully I might add! Doing 2 is HARD!

I have lost 25 lbs. Officially 10 lbs more to go to be the weight I was when I got pregnant with the girls. Feeling a ton better about myself.

So now we have to wait to see what happens.....

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We "talked"

Dum Dum Dum (my drum roll)

We FINALLY had our talk.. and I am late posting this. But school let out and I am totally rocking being a SAHM for the next 9 weeks.

Anyway, we talked and....

The ring comes out this Saturday and we are officially giving it a whirl! There are some compromises to the whole TTC thing. Which I get and we shall see how it goes.

I am nervous and scared and excited! WOW!

PS- I already ordered HPTs and CBE fertility monitor sticks off e.bay! Ha! Already back to the "old" stuff.

I am too lazy to find the camera and upload pics of my girls... but they are just as cute as ever. Oh and we are on Day 2 of potty training...had some accidents...2 successes. We will keep at this! My will is bigger than theirs! I WILL win this battle!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Stay Tuned...

to see if we TTC #3... still "no talk" so no TTC right now that's for sure. Amazing how the subject can be avoided by doing all sorts of other stuff!

Been trying for 3 days to add pictures and having problems...sorry.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As promised here is My ttc #3 plan. I say MY plan because apparently I am the only person that is ttc #3 in my house.

Last night after we cut off the lights and tv, Bobby said "Do you really want another baby? Cause I am really happy with the 2 we do have. If we are then we need to get going, I guess."

I said "Yes of course I do. I always wanted 3 kids", he said "I will do whatever you want, but I think 2 is plenty. We will never have anything if we have another. I am content. It is all I can do to make it work with the 2 we have."

My solution: "I will give up something" Bobby asked me what can I give up? I don't know, I already am the ONLY main person to sacrifice so I don't know. The only thing I do know is that IF we don't TTC #3, I am afraid in a few years I will regret it and be disappointed that we didn't even try.

I sent Bobby a text message today about and the response was "This is not a texting conversation. I will go out to dinner with you and discuss it because I want to concentrate on you, the discussion, and what is said." So I guess case closed until we get to go out to eat... which we haven't done by OURSELVES since October, so I wonder when we will go...

So the plan was:

1. Go off BC next month (June)
2. Have Dr up my Metformin to 1000 mg (what I was taking at Jones, currently I am on 500 mg)
3. Do progesterone suppositories (I think I took 2 a day at the Jones)
4. Try for 6 months at the most and if no BFP wrap it up and call it done and It is the way it is meant to be AND sell ALL the baby stuff overtaking my attic

That's it. Nothing more than that. NO stimming ovaries, NO Clomid, NO Follistim, NOTHING!

Bobby has stressed on numerous occasions that he is scared that we will miscarry again. He can't take losing another baby or watch me go through that pain again. I understand that, I do. I don't know how I would feel if we lost another baby, but I survived it 2 times, so I could survive again. It would suck though for sure.

Also, not having a sibling for the girls is NOT as devastating as the thought of never having a child of our own ever. They have each other. I thought when I found out it was twins, YES, we will never have to go through treatments again. I can promise I won't go through treatments again. I can't do it... the hot flashes, the time, the hormones, the sticks, the blood draws, the u/s... I can't. I don't have time now and like I said, not having a sibling for them is different for me.

I want a 3rd baby, but I will be ok if we don't have one. But I think if we don't even try I will always wonder. Does that make sense?

PS- At work so no new pics of girls on this computer, sorry.

Monday, May 9, 2011

A day late and a dollar short...

That's the story of my life, but Hey I have twins and that's my excuse (and demise financially) and I am sticking to it! But....


I enjoyed my day and gave myself a treat... pictures of my 21 month old bay-bies! Time slow down...wait let me catch up! Geesh! Go a little slower!

Getting good pictures are hard of one kid, let alone two kiddos who want to move. But I am pleased with what we got. Kristin was a HAM! Let me tell you. She was all, Hey take my picture cause I am cute, smiling and all. Lara was ON THE GO! I mean I couldn't get her to be still. The picture of them together was the very first picture and then the rest she was a blur in the pictures. Even her dress is blurry in the one of her as she was running! But I am still happy with what we got, cause it is a true reflection of my life!

Oh and just in case you didn't notice, totally trying to make up for my 3 month pause as I scraped by while doing that stupid class! Plus I figure everyone wants to see how precious the bay-bays are... cause I think they are!

Hope you all enjoyed your mother's day!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Call me a "nerd"

My final grade was posted yesterday... "A"! YAY! 4.0 maintained! I wasn't sure, this class was HARD and very intense! So I am proud of myself!

The girls are just so amazing. They do something new and say something everyday. They mimic and repeat cool! We try to play with them outside everyday, weather permitting. The biggest hits are the sandbox and the tricycles. We take them for walks with their tricycles. Cracks us up as the stare at something and the tricycle starts veering off the opposite way! They LOVE dogs and get so excited when they see one. "Dog, Dog, Dog" between squeals of delight. Someday, we will have another, but I still miss Reese. I still cry for him so I can't imagine getting another dog anytime soon. Anyways, here's the girls and some of their adventures:

Lara loves to take care of her sister...

Kristin pushing Lara on the tricycle

Lara pushing Kristin.

At least they take turns (we did buy 2 tricycles though) pushing each other, Mommy gets tired sometimes.

Oh and while taking this class, the stress of hating my job still, life in general and to make myself feel better... I went back on South Beach. I have lost 15 lbs in a little over 2 months. I am exercising and I just plain feel better. Also a little prep for the possible trial for baby #3. Gotta try to get in shape even if I don't get pregnant, I needed to lose this baby weight from the girls, 20 months after them is just plain too long to carry around the extra 30-35lbs from being pregnant with them. So I hope to continue this lifestyle change and good habits and IF I am lucky I will have lost more weight and be closer to the weight I was when I got pregnant with them, just in case I get pregnant this summer. I promise I will do a post about my TTC plan and all soon.....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 months and some change

I am SO profoundly sorry that I have been unable to update. My class for my master's/renewing my license for teaching has officially kicked my ass since January! However, I am DONE! I finished the last test last week (I wrote this post almost a week ago but was unable to post cause I wanted to add pictures, which took me until now)! As long as I don't miss more than 7 points on my paper (which I have only lost a 1/2 a point at the most on the 8 papers I had to write this semester) I will maintain my 4.0 GPA. I strive to continue to be a dork! But I am cool with that!I want to keep my 4.0 cause I CAN! I can be "smart" LOL. I have never had a 4.0 when I graduated so I would like this to be my first time so I can say I did it, and tell my daughters that I expect that too! Just kidding... kinda.

The girls are just growing and changing so fast. I swear they pick up something new everyday. Their little imaginations are kicking and it amazes me. I love being their mom and can't believe how much I love them. I just feel so overwhelmed by how much I love them.

Here's some of what we have been up to:

Chillin' in Daddy's truck on the way to the zoo

Kristin's first popcicle (Easter Day)

Lata's first popcicle (Easter Day)

My Little Chef Kristin

My Little Chef Lara

We are ready for, I think the show is "Hell's Kitchen" or something like that. They love their play kitchens, we have one inside and I bought one off craigs.list for $10 for outside. We also got a sandbox and a house (off craigs.list $20) so lots of stuff to do outside. They love their new tricycles (pics next time). We are doing alot of family activities and just love being with our girls.

I can't wait for school to let out. I am SO ready for this school year to be over, I say it every year but in May and June I MEAN it, for real for real (as the kids tell me at school). I can't wait to hang out with my babies every day and

I also am pretty sure Bobby and I are going to give it a go for baby #3....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day 2011!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

The girls had their 18 month appt. They are growing up TOO fast if you ask me!

Kristin- 21 lbs 14 oz (10th) 31 1/8 in (25th) and 181/2 in head (50th)

Lara- 19lbs 11oz (3rd- we moved up from less than a 3rd to 3rd YAY) and 30 1/4 in (10th) and 18 1/8 in head (45th)

Still teeny- tiny, itty bitty bay-bees. They have hit all the 18 month milestones and have done some of the 2 yr ones! OMG they will be 2 this summer!

Happy Valentine's Day! It was 70 degrees here today so we played for a few minutes outside cause it was so nice.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Been awhile...

So last post we had a new playroom! I LOVE the playroom! The Playroom ROX!!!! Spend alot of time in the playroom! Super glad we built that room. It really is the most used room in the house now.... hard to believe, huh?

The girls are doing awesome. They will be 18 months old this week. How did this happen? I can't believe it. They are getting so smart.

They are doing animal sounds, you know a Duck says "quack, quack", etc. They love being read to. I swear I read 20 books a day. I hope they are smarter than Bobby and me. They make me smile. They make me happy.

I am bad at blogging. I started back to school. So I have this class I am in and another class and hopefully a test and I will be done with my master's. ABOUT time! I should have done this while TTC, but I was so baby focused, I couldn't see past making a baby that this got left out. After starting the class, I told Bobby my 4.0 GPA wasn't going to be a 4.0 anymore. I am just not into the class. I HAVE to pass and all. But I just don't want to put all the effort into studying like I did before the girls. Now I just want to do what I have to do... I will be ok if I get a "B". And a friend was so kind to tell me, "B's get degrees". That they do, so I will keep that in mind as I go through this class and get done what I need to get done and hurry up and finish this master's.

Bobby also left to go to Texas for a training. So I was a single mom. And everyone survived!

Anyway... I feel bad about my non-blogging. But I am not too terribly exciting anymore. Not TTC. Just floating through.

Been super excited that a few of my friends have gotten BFPs here lately though.

As I type this, I am watching the girls on the monitor. NOT sleeping! Handing each other toys from one crib to another! Hilarious!

Here's the babies!

This is their new way to "play". They sit on each other's head, chest, etc. Or lay and roll

Lara says "I got you now, you may be bigger than me, but beware of the little ones"

Kristin and her laugh... she has changed so much since my colicy baby

Holy curls Batman! Where did those come from?

Lara loves puzzles and being read to. She gets excited. I hope this desire to learn continues for life!

Little "La-La" feeding her bay-bees. They both do this, but Kristin doesn't stay still for me to get many pictures of her.

All pictures in the family playroom... LOVE it! Aren't they just so darn cute? Love them! OMG 18 months this week! Geesh! Where'e my bay-bees?