Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday Extravaganza!

I know 2 posts in one day! But there was so much going on!

Starters, dr appt:

Kristin is 18 lbs 1 oz (10th) and 28 1/8 in (10th)
Lara is 16 lbs 7 oz (less than 3rd) and 27 1/2 in (5-10th)

Dr said they are healthy and doing good. They had mastered the 12 month milestones and most of the 15 month milestones. Geniuses! The vaccines though were rough, I am upset they left such bruises on their arms. Poor bay-bays!

Party weekend! We had alot of company and a house full. The birthday theme was "2 Peas in a Pod". I LOVED it and I only get to pick 2 birthday themes and I want to cherish my twins and play in the "twin" aspect until they won't let me anymore. Which will come I am sure! But they will always be "my twins". So here's some pictures from their party.

Presents are fun to open and play with, but they are tasty too!

Their cake:



Oh mommy, I feel sick!

A good time was had by all!

Birthday Twincesses!

My girls are 1!!!I can hardly believe it and then in other ways I feel like I am 10 years older since they were born!

We had their 1st birthday pictures taken. And since they are just so damn cute, we bought the CD with the copyright cause we always spend SO much and TOO much money on their pictures. But they will only be babies once and they are just TOO damn cute! Which I know I am biased, BUT they stopped traffic in the mall while getting these pictures done. People stopped and watched and I could see them saying "OMG they are SO cute" and "Oh how cute"! Well yeah!

Of course we got "Are they twins?" Nope they aren't, idiot, they are 4 months apart. I know they aren't identical but ummm... really? Are people that dumb? I already know that answer. Anyway, without further ado....

Aren't they the cutest things? OMG I am in love!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Kristin and Lara!

August 8, 2009, I walked into the hospital empty handed that morning. I left 2 days later, tired and sore, and definitely not empty handed! I never have told my birth story, however, in comparison to other people, mine was just "uneventful" in the grand scheme of things.

I went into the hospital and it had been full of women and deliveries for days. I got checked in and changed into the gown and sat and waited over an hour for someone to come in. Dr M showed up, asked why wasn't I on an IV let alone, why wasn't the pitocin started? He walked out and 30 seconds later 3 nurses were in my room (did I ever mention Dr M is on the board of directors at my hospital?). I quickly got hooked up to an IV and Dr M broke baby A's water (aka Kristin) and I was 4.5 cm dilated and 60% effaced. He left and pitocin started. I never said I would be a brave woman, I asked at check in for my epidural! Which with twins I think they were going to make me have it anyway, but I WANTED it from the get go, knew that before I even got pregnant! The anaesthesiologist was in a c-section and they told me I would have to wait for her to come out. Ok. About an hour later I REALLY wanted the epidural, as I was definitely in labor, plus I am a bit of a wuss and I don't like pain. I had to wait for another c-sec, are you kidding me? They gave me something to take the "edge" off. Anyway, I swear as soon as I got that, the dr was in to do the epidural. I could have care less, I knew she would be my friend. I saw Bobby's face when he saw the needle and his "PLEASE don't move Courtney, PLEASE". I didn't and I got the epidural. I did sit up and felt funny but they "fixed" it and I relaxed and well... fell asleep. I slept for several hours (not sure how long, I was sleeping after all). I know Bobby and my mom ate some Subway and it smelled really good. Other than that, I was OUT! I woke up and said "I think I am going to be sick" and sick I was. They cleaned me and the floor up and the nurse said let me check you. She did and asked did I feel that? Feel what exactly I am not sure, but I thought I felt the catheter. Apparently not, it was time to push. So off she went to call Dr M to come back and get the OR set up.

He got there and I was in the OR and basically he said "Push" and what type of music did I want to listen to. So we listened to some Dave Matthews. I pushed and pushed and 2 hours to the minute out came Kristin at 5:30 pm. Bobby cried and was unable to cut the cord for her. She got cleaned up as Dr M "turned" baby B (aka Lara) and did an u/s to make sure she was in place and broke her water and told me to push. Bobby held Kristin in his arms and since I hadn't said anything since I said I wanted to listen to Dave Matthews, and for anyone that knows me, not talking is HARD for me. I "think" I said "I need a break" Dr M gave me 2 contractions and then I was told to push. I did and 49 minutes after my first child was born, Lara was born at 6:19. Bobby did cut the cord on Lara. That's pretty much it. I did it all by myself with my friend the epidural! I had a second/third degree tear and got some stitches. But other than that, nothing to exciting, I am one of the few that I know of that has vaginally delivered twins. I am woman hear me ROAR!

So here we are a year later- my babies are a year old! This is them at a wedding last weekend. It sucked but they were cute, of course!

If you look close you can see the grass Kristin and Lara were pulling up by the handfulls and putting in the chairs! Hehe!

Lara playing on her "Mum Mum"s jazzy wheelchair!

Kristin walking on the beach!

Lara playing on the beach in between bites of sand! YUCK!

We went to a wedding and then came home for 2 hours and left and drove down to the Outer Banks for a week of vacation at the beach. They had their first birthday at the beach! Now we are home and getting ready for their first birthday bash! I'll post pictures of their party after our company leaves!

Kristin is "walking". I guess that's what you call it. She walks and when she falls gets back up. If she wants to get somewhere fast she still crawls! She is pointing and nodding yes. Started saying "de de" to call Bobby.

Lara is starting to let go and make moves towards "walking". She studies stuff alot more and spends time figuring out toys and how things work. When I watch her sometimes, it is like I can see her little "wheels turning" as she tries to get things to work. She "reads" her books and "talks" about whatever it is she is saying. I just say "Oh you think so" or "Oh really. Then what happened" and she keeps on going. She is like me, I guess! I forsee lots of report cards with "She talks too much during class/instruction" Hmmm... I remember seeing some of those in my days from Kindergarten to my senior year.

So one year down... I can't believe they are a year old! My babies! They'll always be my babies! I'll post their weights and heights after their appt this week with their birthday party pics!