Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its like "Ground Hog Day"

Babies week 10!

Baby A- doubled in size since last week! WOW! And was doing twirls!! My little dancer!

Baby B- was moving little legs, almost seemed like it was running. How cute!!

And here I am 9 weeks and 4 days. Bobby had to remind me to smile as I felt like vomiting but he said "his children" might not appreciate the "I am about to vomit" face I was making at the time. (I'll remember they are 'his' once they are born and want to be fed and changed every 2 hours during the night- HIS children will want him!! )

I have to admit I am not good at blogging here lately, but it is because I feel like "Ground Hog Day". I wake up, feel nauseous, dry heave some, try to not vomit as I brush my teeth, eat some, try not to vomit, try to poop, feel some indigestion, fart some, yawn excessively, try to poop again, nauseous , eat, try not to vomit, fart some more, yawn some more, eat a snack, go home, pass out on the couch for awhile, eat, feel nauseous, get ready for bed, dry heave as I brush my teeth, and lay in bed and groan and moan until I fall asleep proceeded by wake up during the night numerous times and getting up to pee (at least once), to start my day all over again. I am certainly not bitching or complaining, I am just not very exciting. My silver lining everyday as I dry heave, is that that means those babies are doing well! So I relish my "all day sickness"! I thought the other day about writing a post about what no one tells you about what happens when you are pregnant, but it was a thought and too much energy in getting up and actually typing. So other than growing the twins- I am in Ground Hog Day until at least around Valentine's Day! I hope!

Went back to "regular" Ob- LOVE him!! I go back in 2 more weeks!! He promised me more pics!! I have to admit the pics at Jones are clearer!! But I ain't bitchin'- I love seeing those little hearts beatin' and them babies dancin'!! Off to bed!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Exercising at 9 weeks + 1 day???

We saw the twins again today! How wonderful to see those little hearts beating! I love it!! And they grew so much we could get them in one u/s pic. Not only did we see the hearts beating, we got to see the babies moving! Yep my little ones were moving- and not only moving- but they appeared to be........ exercising!

Baby A- which I have decided is a girl. Just cause I want her to be. Anyway- she was doing "crunches". My little girl worried about her figure already!! She doesn't realize that at 2.5 cm she has fab abs!

Baby B- which I think is a boy- same reasoning cause I want him to be. I think he is a boy for 2 reasons: 1. he was upside down- seems like a boy thing to do and 2. he was "flexing" his arms like he was in Mr Universe Body Building Competition! Watch out Arnold Schwarzenegger- MY boy is practicing now and he is only 9 weeks old gestational age!!
Actually, seeing them move was amazing!! It was another milestone that is truly amazing and breath taking!
I also got my dismissal from Dr Never Smiles! I am no longer at the RE's- I am a "boring pregnant lady with twins, what else can they do for me?" and "Dr Never Smiles does not deliver babies" . She sent me off with a hug and a kiss and told me to keep them updated and to definitely bring the babies by. So I got the boot- in a good way. However, it does seem like a bad break up. It was bittersweet, "good-bye" to Jones.
I guess now I have to come up with a name for my regular OB, who I love too. He is a good dr, and I think I have a name brewing already. I see him next week- I hope he does an u/s next week too!! I am spoiled! But I LOVE seeing those twins!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

News spreads like Wildfires around here....

So not long after my u/s, I swear the whole world knew I was having twins- I know I posted it on here so the world did know, but I am seriously getting phone calls from people leaving me messages like "I heard your good news, call me!" "I heard through the grapevine you've got a secret". I mean I did tell the world on my blog but I really had tried to keep it on the down low in "real life" as I am not through my first trimester yet and I am paranoid. I feel like I haven't even gotten to really enjoy my news cause now I have to call and say "who did you hear that from?" and then to find out it isn't someone that I told, but someone who told someone who heard it from their grandmother's sister's husband's second cousin's niece twice removed.
The bad part of it is that it is mainly my Mom. I mean I know she is overly excited to have twins and be a grandmother again and for all I know Bobby's parents are doing the same thing, but they don't live in the same state so I am not getting voice mails telling me they already know my news but to call them anyway! It just annoys the piss out of me that I can't even tell "our" news myself. I mean Bobby and I are the ones that are pregnant. We are the ones that went through the treatments and ups and downs and being poked and prodded and someone telling us when to "be intimate", I mean our private life was no longer private. I know my family and his family too in their own way had the roller coaster ride with us. But damn- I just wanted to have my own little 'secret' for awhile and just adjust on my own and after week 13 THEN let the news spread!
Is this rant my own little HCG hormone thing? Or is it legitimate? Do I have the right to be annoyed? I know everyone is excited for us, but is waiting through the first trimester that hard?
Oh and I read on a couple of the blogs I follow that it is De-Lurker week. So leave me a comment! I only bite if you ask nicely... and I know you don't have any blood borne diseases!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

And then there were 2....

That's right ladies and gentlemen.... we have TWINS! We are in totally shock and amazement. We saw and heard the BEST thing ever today- HEARTBEATS! It was music to my soul- I just literally laid there and cried. Baby A had a heartbeat of 164 and Baby B had 158. I have never seen heartbeats or heard them before.... well not being pregnant. We are just over the moon to have 2 healthy babies.

I was so excited I came home and puked my guts up. Actually, Dr Smiles had to call me in a script for an anti-nausea med as I couldn't keep water down. So there you have it.....

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hormones make you crazy!

I now know that I officially have some crazy ass pregnant hormones going on. Not only could I not fathom the energy to get out of my pj's today (not that I am complaining as my 2 week vacation is ending) and I sat around and watched chick flicks all day. To top it off I have started crying when watching commercials.

Of all things a insurance commercial got me. It is of a couple in the hospital and they just had a baby and the dad picks the baby up out of the hospital bassinet thingy and is talking about how "when you get to that place where that little bundle of joy means its not just about me anymore- I am there"

Awwww... That's me. That's what I want. I want my hubby to pick our baby up and feel that kind of emotion. I want our baby to have a healthy heart beat on Friday. I just want a healthy baby in my arms. I want my baby to smile at me.


They got me, stupid commercial making me all goofy and gooberfied.