Thursday, January 15, 2009

News spreads like Wildfires around here....

So not long after my u/s, I swear the whole world knew I was having twins- I know I posted it on here so the world did know, but I am seriously getting phone calls from people leaving me messages like "I heard your good news, call me!" "I heard through the grapevine you've got a secret". I mean I did tell the world on my blog but I really had tried to keep it on the down low in "real life" as I am not through my first trimester yet and I am paranoid. I feel like I haven't even gotten to really enjoy my news cause now I have to call and say "who did you hear that from?" and then to find out it isn't someone that I told, but someone who told someone who heard it from their grandmother's sister's husband's second cousin's niece twice removed.
The bad part of it is that it is mainly my Mom. I mean I know she is overly excited to have twins and be a grandmother again and for all I know Bobby's parents are doing the same thing, but they don't live in the same state so I am not getting voice mails telling me they already know my news but to call them anyway! It just annoys the piss out of me that I can't even tell "our" news myself. I mean Bobby and I are the ones that are pregnant. We are the ones that went through the treatments and ups and downs and being poked and prodded and someone telling us when to "be intimate", I mean our private life was no longer private. I know my family and his family too in their own way had the roller coaster ride with us. But damn- I just wanted to have my own little 'secret' for awhile and just adjust on my own and after week 13 THEN let the news spread!
Is this rant my own little HCG hormone thing? Or is it legitimate? Do I have the right to be annoyed? I know everyone is excited for us, but is waiting through the first trimester that hard?
Oh and I read on a couple of the blogs I follow that it is De-Lurker week. So leave me a comment! I only bite if you ask nicely... and I know you don't have any blood borne diseases!!


Sarah said...

I had a similar issue. In fact, I don't think I've heard of anyone NOT having this issue. With me, it was totally my mom. In fact, she shared the "good news" with a cousin I haven't seen in nearly 5 years.

All I kept thinking is, "great, now if I miscarry, I've got to call him in ENGLAND and let him know." BLAH!!

Parental units (and all loved ones really) are just so excited they just don't think it through.

Only good news I have to share is that after the second trimester, and all the news is spread out -- I have really felt that DH and I have had time to enjoy it just ourselves.

We just had to share first, I guess. I hope you get some peace from of the furry quickly!

just me said...

this seems to be recurring theme with those trying to concieve.....i know it is only because everyone is so excited....hope i handle as well. probably it's a combination of hormones and disappointment of not telling your own news! hang in there, once you're holding those babies, it won't matter a bit!

jenjam said...

Yeah, I can see where it is frustrating. I think you have a right to feel the way you are feeling. Just try (I know easier said than done) not to worry though, you and your beans are gonna be ok. People are just super excited for you.

Lea said...

If it were me, I'd tell my mom about it. I don't think it's just hormones. It's your news to share. But, now that it's out, I hope you can get back to enjoying it yourselves.

KandiB said...

It's TOTALLY legit! I had a co-worker tell a vendor the same week we found out we were pregnant. I still don't know how he knew, but geesh! Come on! My other co-worker told one of my estranged friends (who also happens to give her facials), and it made me so mad. I want to be the one to share the was SO hard to get there, and it seems so, trivial, to just pass it (the news) along as mere gossip.

Totally with you.

Kerri said...

I know exactly how your feeling. Don't let those hormones turn you into super witch just yet, because guess what, this isn't the only news you won't get to tell everyone. For me, it was my Mom telling the entire Church family we were having a girl and I didn't get to tell anyone(except my chat girlies and best friend and in-laws) Anyway,, hold out it can only get better. By the way where is belly pic # 2?
Love ya, Kerri