Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its like "Ground Hog Day"

Babies week 10!

Baby A- doubled in size since last week! WOW! And was doing twirls!! My little dancer!

Baby B- was moving little legs, almost seemed like it was running. How cute!!

And here I am 9 weeks and 4 days. Bobby had to remind me to smile as I felt like vomiting but he said "his children" might not appreciate the "I am about to vomit" face I was making at the time. (I'll remember they are 'his' once they are born and want to be fed and changed every 2 hours during the night- HIS children will want him!! )

I have to admit I am not good at blogging here lately, but it is because I feel like "Ground Hog Day". I wake up, feel nauseous, dry heave some, try to not vomit as I brush my teeth, eat some, try not to vomit, try to poop, feel some indigestion, fart some, yawn excessively, try to poop again, nauseous , eat, try not to vomit, fart some more, yawn some more, eat a snack, go home, pass out on the couch for awhile, eat, feel nauseous, get ready for bed, dry heave as I brush my teeth, and lay in bed and groan and moan until I fall asleep proceeded by wake up during the night numerous times and getting up to pee (at least once), to start my day all over again. I am certainly not bitching or complaining, I am just not very exciting. My silver lining everyday as I dry heave, is that that means those babies are doing well! So I relish my "all day sickness"! I thought the other day about writing a post about what no one tells you about what happens when you are pregnant, but it was a thought and too much energy in getting up and actually typing. So other than growing the twins- I am in Ground Hog Day until at least around Valentine's Day! I hope!

Went back to "regular" Ob- LOVE him!! I go back in 2 more weeks!! He promised me more pics!! I have to admit the pics at Jones are clearer!! But I ain't bitchin'- I love seeing those little hearts beatin' and them babies dancin'!! Off to bed!


Kate said...

Love it! Love them! Love you! I wish we could see a video of them playing in there :)

KandiB said...

Aren't the videos amazing?? It's sooo crazy to see all their little parts developing and the little arms/legs moving around. And the heartbeat! Awwwww! We just saw the actual heart beating on Monday. It was awesome...

You'll be done with the sick part soon. Then on to the sleepless nights and the much-loved inability to get yourself out of a chair :)

Sarah said...

I'm so so very happy for you!

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