Sunday, July 25, 2010

11 months 2 weeks and 3 days later...

So here we are. The best two things in my life entered my life just a short 11 months 2 weeks and 3 days ago. If I had to pick a theme song it would be the song by Boys like Girls "Two is better than One." I know the song is about a couple, but minus a few things in the song, it fits me and my girls. Cause like the song says "I can't live without you" and "there's so much time to figure out the rest of my life, but I already figured out, 2 is better than one". I can't imagine having one without the other. And even though last August in the newborn hell of twins and colic and postpartum depression, I survived and they did too and I wouldn't trade them for the world.

This summer I thought I would blog more, but.. yeah, I wonder why. My life focuses around feeding and naps and playtime. And occasionally I have managed to snap a few pictures of my angels. I wish I could get videos on here... cause if you want to know what heaven sounds like, then I will tell you, it is the sounds coming out of my bay-bays mouths. They have the voices of angels (when they aren't crying)! we are on a "date" again with my bud and her twins. I have a hard time getting them to sit still long enough to get a picture with them both in it. Notice I got the girls some shoes for their botanical gardens splashing fun- they have small feet. They wear 3-6 month size shoes (can't say much I did wear a 5.5-6 until I was pregnant).

Kristin did not want to get her picture taken, she was trying to get up and be gone!

OMG I love this picture! Kristin looks like such an innocent angel!

Kristin has figured out how to crawl in and out of the bumbo seat! Totally cracks herself up in it! They haven't sat in those seats in months, but I pulled it out to feed my niece and now Kristin plays in it.

Lara was pulling apart diapers. I said "Lara Anne" and then she looked at me like this... how could I be mad anymore? Angels... I tell you... Angels!

This was today... Lara sat there for at least 15 minutes "reading" that book. She turned the pages and "read" out loud! At the end she did "So Big" and I got the picture!

So goals:

11 lbs lost... wish it was more. I guess I didn't gain overnight, wish it went away overnight!

Still have pacis as you can see from the pictures- haven't even tried to take them yet.

New fun "tricks":

1. Girls give me "high 5"
2. They say "ah" after chugging off of their sippy cups
3. Kristin constantly practices walking.. she will be walking...soon..probably before I get another post up! LOL
4. Lara will give you a kiss (with a little tongue...yuck) and does a "muah" sound!
5. They also take their hand and go over their mouth and do "ah ah ah" (which is not a PC term) but like I did when I was little playing 'Indian'.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer of changing is causing "change"

The "Summer of Change" is going strong here at the house. And since we are doing change we have all kinds of change going on with the twins. Such as.....

Learning how to use the basket and toys to get up onto the coffee table and

Flushing the potty (maybe this will come in handy next summer with the potty training goal I have already set)

As well as drinking "bottles" out of our sippies! Yes!

Kristin and her 4th of July sippy!

Lara and her 4th of July sippy!

So 2 "goals" done- I am "off the pump" and feeling good about having that time back!Girls drinking all drinks from a sippy ALL day! Even the "nite nite" bottle was gone on the 3rd- they took the sippy cup before bed and I washed the bottles and we are D-O-N-E with bottles!

I am still doing South Beach- a little disappointed with losing only 7 lbs in 2 weeks. I did SO much better the first time and I PROMISE I haven't "cheated" at all- not even once. I have set a goal to exercise 4 times a week. So far I have met that goal too, and I have found if I do it right after I fed the girls lunch, they will play and I can do my 35 mins of aerobic activity and a few sit-ups. I am "lucky" to get that time of exercise so I don't know what more I can do. Just frustrating... it is SO much easier to gain weight than to lose. I HATE PCOS!

Can't believe they will be 11 months old tomorrow! My babies aren't "baby babies" anymore... makes me sad...kinda.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer of change has commenced

School is out for summer! YAY!

I have made a "To Do List of Changes" for the summer:

1. Get off the pump. I have enough frozen milk in the deep freezer to last them for MONTHS. My deadline was July 1st to be pump-free. I am proud to say, I have not pumped since June 28th at 10am... boobs hurt but I am glad to not be tied to that thing every 3-4 hrs everyday. I am glad I did it for the girls' health... and for our wallets. I can check this off as DONE!

2. Get my fat ass on South Beach Diet and lose the 35lb I have left from being pregnant (started June 21st with some pals and family). I am 7 lbs down so far. I need to step up on the exercising though...need more hours in the day. 28lbs more to go!

3. Get the girls off bottles and onto sippy cups all day! I am ready to be done with washing bottles too! They LOVE to eat and I swear they eat ALL day! Getting onto sippies with milk will be awesome!

4. Break the paci habit- if we can, this is the least of my concerns right now, but I want to do it sooner than later.

Today my family went with my good friend and her twins to the Botanical Gardens. Compared to the 100 degree weather here lately, the 80 degree day was BEAUTIFUL! It was fun. Here are some pics of the girls having fun in the little kiddie water area. (FYI- they are required to wear shoes at all times- the girls don't have sandals/shoes for that so they wore socks)

Aren't they cute?

Kristin was content to sit and play with the water coming up out of the fountain. She just splashed and played. She has turned from such a colicky, fussy baby to such a happy, laughing baby.

Lara was ALL over the place. She crawled through all the fountains and
"played" with the bigger kids. She had NO fear.... not sure how I will deal with this in the years to come.

As summer progresses, I will let you know how the "Summer of Change" is going!

Oh, their birthday party supplies came today! I am SO excited to plan the party... I will save that for another blog though so you'll have to wait to hear the "theme". To be continued.....