Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer of change has commenced

School is out for summer! YAY!

I have made a "To Do List of Changes" for the summer:

1. Get off the pump. I have enough frozen milk in the deep freezer to last them for MONTHS. My deadline was July 1st to be pump-free. I am proud to say, I have not pumped since June 28th at 10am... boobs hurt but I am glad to not be tied to that thing every 3-4 hrs everyday. I am glad I did it for the girls' health... and for our wallets. I can check this off as DONE!

2. Get my fat ass on South Beach Diet and lose the 35lb I have left from being pregnant (started June 21st with some pals and family). I am 7 lbs down so far. I need to step up on the exercising though...need more hours in the day. 28lbs more to go!

3. Get the girls off bottles and onto sippy cups all day! I am ready to be done with washing bottles too! They LOVE to eat and I swear they eat ALL day! Getting onto sippies with milk will be awesome!

4. Break the paci habit- if we can, this is the least of my concerns right now, but I want to do it sooner than later.

Today my family went with my good friend and her twins to the Botanical Gardens. Compared to the 100 degree weather here lately, the 80 degree day was BEAUTIFUL! It was fun. Here are some pics of the girls having fun in the little kiddie water area. (FYI- they are required to wear shoes at all times- the girls don't have sandals/shoes for that so they wore socks)

Aren't they cute?

Kristin was content to sit and play with the water coming up out of the fountain. She just splashed and played. She has turned from such a colicky, fussy baby to such a happy, laughing baby.

Lara was ALL over the place. She crawled through all the fountains and
"played" with the bigger kids. She had NO fear.... not sure how I will deal with this in the years to come.

As summer progresses, I will let you know how the "Summer of Change" is going!

Oh, their birthday party supplies came today! I am SO excited to plan the party... I will save that for another blog though so you'll have to wait to hear the "theme". To be continued.....


Amy said...

Good for you! I love your Summer of Change goals! I will be cheering you on from the Midwest :)

And, yes, they are not just cute - they are DOLLS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I was going to comment on the socks until I read the explanation! How cute!

My summer of change includes getting on a feeding/napping schedule. Something I have STILL not done. We'll see how that goes.

The Fluck Family said...

my friends broke their son of the paci habit but either cutting off the end of the paci or just poking a big hole in it. that way it looks the same, but they can't get the sucking satisfaction. their son just stopped because it wasn't giving him what he wanted (the sucking) even if he was allowed to have it.

LeatriceNay婉勇 said...