Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kinda Half Way There

OK so here I am in all my glory at 18 weeks and 5 days!!
And being 18 weeks- makes me "kinda" half way done. Since I have been informed that twins come early and usually between 35-37 weeks, well that would put me "half way"!
With this realization, I have to say "Holy shit"!!! Cause we have a TON to do and not a whole helluva lot of time to do it!
Today, we bought carpet for the nursery- bye bye hardwood parkay floors! To be here and installed in about 2 weeks time! We also went to and registered. That was exhausting!! We didn't quite finish cause I was tired and frustrated and Bobby was probably almost as frustrated as you know men- they love BRU! Had we had a scanner and were in, well that would be a different story!!
I guess we better get a step on it.....
Reese is doing better slowly. He is relaxing and taking his pills, he hasn't fallen anymore. I hope we are making some progress in the rehab department!
Still haven't caught the mouse either- but the daring little MFer came out and walked up to the trap- sniffed the peanut butter and ran off! Ughh! Little bastard! About 2 feet from me as I sat on the couch, yelling for my husband!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My puppy is "geriatric"

My Reese is "geriatric". At least that is what the vet said about him.
So Bobby took the pup in on Monday and after numerous X-rays and a LARGE bill later, we have a diagnosis and although it isn't pleasant we can help him, hopefully, get better.
Reese has arthritis (we already knew that) but apparently the plaque that builds up around the joints has pinched off the nerves in his hind legs at times. So he can't "feel" his legs and that is causing him to stumble. We upped his arthritis meds , dosage and times daily, as well as giving him another pill for pain (which the vet says he isn't in cause he can't always feel his legs but it will help keep him calm- he isn't a puppy anymore even if I call him one- any more sedated and he'd be in a coma). Also, we have to contain him in a small area on carpet and then use a "sling" to help him across the tile (which I still have every area rug in the house with the skid stuff on it making a path to the doors and I went and bought more) and porch to the grass. Yes, we told her I was pregnant and she said we are to help guide and provide support him not hold him up, so I am not lifting him, just merely being a "walker" for my geriatric dog!! She also reminded us that he is "old, like a person in their 80s and what kind of movements would we expect from an old man going up the steps". I guess in a nutshell- we have a long rehab road ahead of us and this is probably starting the downhill procession that is the beginning of a decline in health. I love Reese and as much as I want him to be with me forever- I know he can't and I will NOT allow him to suffer. So when we take him back in 4 weeks for his eval, I hope we will be able to know more and make a good decision with Reese's best interest at heart. Actually, I am hoping he is alot better and I do not have to worry about making any decisions for a long time!
As it is, I am saying prayers for my Reese to get better and give me a little more time to adjust to this "aging" thing, cause it just happened to fast for Bobby and me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

If it isn't one thing it is another...

What a weekend!

First, I guess I should start by saying that I love my dog, Reese (like grease only no "g") I have had Reese before I met my hubby. He has been around for awhile and is no spring chicken anymore. We started giving him glucosamine and chondroitin years ago. Recently we have started him on Ryma.dyl for arthritis.

So this weekend it has been hard for me to watch as my poor doggy has slipped on our tile floor in the kitchen. The first time, he didn't yelp but the second time he did. Then he scooted himself outside and squatted to pee for the first time since he was a puppy and learned to lift his leg like the "big dogs" he saw at the doggy park. So my heart is breaking as I realize my dog is getting older and no matter how much I love him, I can't heal his hips. Bobby came home and checked Reese out and said we didn't need to take him to the emergency vet , but to try and keep him off of it. Yeah, I'll try not to eat too. Same concept.

My bright idea has been to quarantine the dog. I have barricaded the kitchen and tile off so the dog won't fall and slip. I pulled every area rug with the skid stuff on the back and made a path to the back door so he doesn't fall since he has to go out. I have also been trying to stay put so he will not try to follow me around the house. So far so good. But he is still tender you can tell, good thing he was already going to the vet tomorrow at 9 am. Hopefully the good vet will have some advice and meds for the dog.

The craziest thing happened last night as I got up to pee in the middle of the night. I never cut the light on in the bathroom but for some reason I did. And as I sat there peeing, all of the sudden, a mouse ran across the floor. Yes, a mouse!! WTF?? So today I went and bought traps to set up so hopefully we can catch the uninvited guest. As I sat on the couch this afternoon, I heard the trap snap so I was scared to go look, and lo and behold, no mouse. Sneaky bastard. Luckily I have learned how to set the trap and not lose my fingers. I am just grossed out I have a mouse in my house. Bobby seems to think because of the construction going on in our house when they were coming in and out and left the door open then the mouse just strolled in and now it is like "Oops!" If my dog wasn't lame I would expect him to do something about the mouse, but since he is a gimp I will excuse him. Ugghhh! I am grossed out about the mouse.

After all.... when it rains it pours.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To appease my pals...

Since I have gotten, "You won't tell.. how unfair" and "Isn't it time for a belly pic?" comments. I thought I would appease my friends! Nope, I still won't tell until we know for 100% what they may be!
Here I am with my ever expanding, ever enlarging, ever growing belly! Week 16!
I think I may have felt the babies move- not for sure though cause I don't' know what I am suppose to be feeling! But it will come in time and I know that! I know in the weeks to come I will feel them for sure! That's all here on the home front!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The babies are.....

Yesterday was our u/s and I came home and was sicker than a dog! Ughh!
And the babies are....
I wish I could tell you! One baby (baby A) was happy to show off! But baby B was not so cooperative. Dr Talks said one baby A was definitely one sex but he wouldn't make a call on the other!
So unfortunately we all have to wait to know! Sorry!
Next u/s is April 2nd, which is the long anatomy scan. Hopefully, then the "professional" as Dr Talks called her, she will be able to make a definite call one way or the other.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What are the sexes of these babies anyway???

I promised to say what I thought the babies sexes were before my big u/s. So before I do that I have to say:
I am freaking out that we won't find out tomorrow cause:
1. The babies won't cooperate
2. Dr. Talks to Bobby more than the pregnant woman will have to leave to deliver a baby hence leaving me (us) hanging
3. One baby will cooperate and the other one plays "shy"
4. I don't know something to prevent me from seeing what's going on in there
I have thought that if Dr Talks has to leave that I will "refuse" (playfully of course but I will really mean it) to leave until someone slathers some of that blue u/s goo on my belly and takes a look and tells me penis or no penis on BOTH babies! I have ALL night to wait and I'll pay for extra goo if they'll just keep looking until we know! Or if they just give me access to the u/s machine and I will do my own u/s and with my untrained eye try to figure out what these cute little bundles are!
So with no further ado... The sexes are...
well I honestly have to say that I am having a problem picking what I think these babies are. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and I just "know" what a friend is having. Well, I haven't done that with myself. I am also so jaded as I want us to have a baby girl and a baby boy so that we have one of each and it will be just " perfect". Whatever these babies are.... it will make us a " complete perfect little family". If it is 2 girls we will be complete and perfect... if it is 2 boys then we will be complete and perfect. I will love these babies and treasure them for the rest of my life- whatever they may be. I love them already and I haven't even touched them or kissed their little cheeks, but I can wait until they grow some healthy lungs first!
What do I really think? I think it is highly possible to have one of each- but I also think it is 2 girls. Bobby is positive that one is a boy. Bobby really wants a little girl and he has said on more than one occasion, if there is no girl is in there, then we will try for a girl. WHOA Nelly! We aren't even through this yet and not to mention after we have 2 at one time I can't imagine that we would try again or even going through the whole ttc process again-ughh!
Really I would just like 2 healthy babies- and the sex doesn't matter cause no matter what we will love them and they are a piece of Bobby and me and NOTHING is better than that!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Some crazy stuff

The octo-mom sure has caused some uproar, craziness, and talk around the country. I am going to keep a lot of personal feelings to myself with regard to her. What this post is about.... states are now trying to make laws to restrict fertility clinics and couples trying to have a family. I just don't think this is fair.

I got my twins from fertility treatments- not IVF. It was discussed with me about having too many follicles and not proceeding with IUIs to prevent a multiple pregnancy. Bobby and I talked about the "what ifs" of treatments, selective reduction and so forth. I don't agree with transferring a ton of eggs or becoming overstimulated and having higher multiples. But I don't agree with putting a restriction on how many eggs can be fertilized or frozen for future use. There is just too much at stake when couples are forking out a ton on money for treatments.,0,1714490.story

I loved the clinic I went to, and it is the best as far as I am concerned. I know they have set rules about how many eggs they will transfer as well as how far they will stimulate you before an IUI to prevent higher multiple pregnancies. As we all know that higher multiples cause a lot of stress on the mother's body as well as the babies and the chances for complications. I just don't get why anyone would demand to have 6 or more embryos transferred.

Anyway, I just hope that states and the federal government don't place restrictions on fertility treatments, for religious or another reason. It would make me happier to see them place restrictions on people having babies when they can't afford them, don't take care of them, or when they smoke crack. Just my opinion.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The pros and cons

There are many perks to being a teacher. Here is a list:

1. The summer off
2. Holidays off
3. All weekends off
4. Job security (the economy/budget cuts has me a little worried about next year)
5. Set hours
6. Changing the life of a youngster
7. SNOW days with my dog!

The list of cons:

1. Crappy pay
2. Kids treating you like crap/cussing you out
3. Parents treating you worse
4. Taking papers home to grade
5. Taking lessons home to plan
6. Hearing "you get the summer off"
7. Crappy pay
8. Not getting a raise next year and being told- "just be glad you have a job"
9. Getting cussed out
10. Crappy pay

Oh I mentioned crappy pay!

Really, being a teacher is great- most days. Especially today!! When I get to stay at home and play with the pup-ster out in the yard- he looked like a puppy again- no arthritis today!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things to think about

I have a lot of things on my brain lately.

Before my next OB appt I have to decide if I want to do a blood panel of tests. I go back and forth on having these tests done. I have read there are a lot of false positives especially with the Downs test. And we agree that we won't terminate the pregnancy even if there is something genetically wrong. We talked about this when we went through the fertility testing, what if there were multiple multiples. We decided no selective reduction either- who am I to chose if a baby should live? So I still haven't fully decided on these tests as does it matter? No. But then should I know so we could be prepared? I don't know.

What about daycare? Should I stay home? Should I work part-time? What? I know this is only a decision we can make, but it plays on my mind daily. Will I be able to leave my babies to go back to work? I always have thought I am the type of woman that would work after motherhood, but will I be able to? When should I try to go back after the babies are born?

One of the biggest thoughts right now- is this weight gain. I know, I know, I am suppose to be gaining weight. But as a woman we are told, "Don't gain weight".... "Don't get fat." And right now the needle on the scale keeps going up and I am unable to control it and it does bother me cause I worked my ass off to lose weight and now here I am just gaining it back. I eat healthy and I am still exercising, but the needle keeps on sliding up.....

What kind of car seats should we get that we will get the most use out of? What about strollers that we can have for a few years? What about breastfeeding? What if I can't breastfeed? What kind of bottles should we get? How should we decorate the nursery (cause I found out the other night we have completely opposite ideas of what we should do)?

I can't even think of all the things now....

I am happy to be in the second trimester. The nausea has slowed some and I feel better. I look more like I have been eating donuts heavily instead of looking pregnant, however I do know that once I "look" pregnant, I will look pregnant for a long time!

If I could only relax my mind.