Monday, March 2, 2009

The pros and cons

There are many perks to being a teacher. Here is a list:

1. The summer off
2. Holidays off
3. All weekends off
4. Job security (the economy/budget cuts has me a little worried about next year)
5. Set hours
6. Changing the life of a youngster
7. SNOW days with my dog!

The list of cons:

1. Crappy pay
2. Kids treating you like crap/cussing you out
3. Parents treating you worse
4. Taking papers home to grade
5. Taking lessons home to plan
6. Hearing "you get the summer off"
7. Crappy pay
8. Not getting a raise next year and being told- "just be glad you have a job"
9. Getting cussed out
10. Crappy pay

Oh I mentioned crappy pay!

Really, being a teacher is great- most days. Especially today!! When I get to stay at home and play with the pup-ster out in the yard- he looked like a puppy again- no arthritis today!!

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Kate said...

Yay! Snow day!! Hi Reese!