Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What are the sexes of these babies anyway???

I promised to say what I thought the babies sexes were before my big u/s. So before I do that I have to say:
I am freaking out that we won't find out tomorrow cause:
1. The babies won't cooperate
2. Dr. Talks to Bobby more than the pregnant woman will have to leave to deliver a baby hence leaving me (us) hanging
3. One baby will cooperate and the other one plays "shy"
4. I don't know something to prevent me from seeing what's going on in there
I have thought that if Dr Talks has to leave that I will "refuse" (playfully of course but I will really mean it) to leave until someone slathers some of that blue u/s goo on my belly and takes a look and tells me penis or no penis on BOTH babies! I have ALL night to wait and I'll pay for extra goo if they'll just keep looking until we know! Or if they just give me access to the u/s machine and I will do my own u/s and with my untrained eye try to figure out what these cute little bundles are!
So with no further ado... The sexes are...
well I honestly have to say that I am having a problem picking what I think these babies are. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and I just "know" what a friend is having. Well, I haven't done that with myself. I am also so jaded as I want us to have a baby girl and a baby boy so that we have one of each and it will be just " perfect". Whatever these babies are.... it will make us a " complete perfect little family". If it is 2 girls we will be complete and perfect... if it is 2 boys then we will be complete and perfect. I will love these babies and treasure them for the rest of my life- whatever they may be. I love them already and I haven't even touched them or kissed their little cheeks, but I can wait until they grow some healthy lungs first!
What do I really think? I think it is highly possible to have one of each- but I also think it is 2 girls. Bobby is positive that one is a boy. Bobby really wants a little girl and he has said on more than one occasion, if there is no girl is in there, then we will try for a girl. WHOA Nelly! We aren't even through this yet and not to mention after we have 2 at one time I can't imagine that we would try again or even going through the whole ttc process again-ughh!
Really I would just like 2 healthy babies- and the sex doesn't matter cause no matter what we will love them and they are a piece of Bobby and me and NOTHING is better than that!


Just Caz said...

I am definatly thinking...
One boy and one girl.
And thats where my vote was cast...
I went with my gut!
If I was you I'd wait all night to find out too!!!
Alot of the bloggers I follow have had BFP and a couple are pregnant with twins and I guessed there right too!!
But of course, happy healthy little ones will always come first!

Sarah said...

I think....2 boys.

Kate said...

Well, I know I'm at least half right ;)

Kerri said...

I'm with Kate. I know I am half right. I still say one of each...I even gave them nicknames back in the beginning...Good Luck tomorrow.. Hope the little ones cooperated