Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 2nd birthday!

They had their birthday the Monday night. We are having their party on Sunday, since we were on vacation last week. Here's a little preview of my girls having their birthday cupcakes!

Kristin likes cupcakes


Lara kept saying "Cupcake yummy Mommy" over and over and over

Yes it is Yummy!

Had their 2 yr old appt. Got the clean bill of health which is the most important part.
Kristin is 25 lbs 5 ozs (25th) and 34 in (25th)
Lara is 22 lbs 15 ozs (10th) and 32 5/8 in (10th)

They are growing well and hitting milestones. YAY babies!

So I will confess, I cried about them turning 2. Turning one wasn't as hard for me as turning 2. Am I going to cry every year?

On the TTC front: PCOS is being a Biotch! She is effing with me and this is SO NOT COOL! All my good vibes from last month have stopped. I am CD 14 with NO ovulation in sight. Send me some healthy O dust! I need something! Since we have a limit on what we will do and how long, I just feel...ughhh!