Thursday, March 11, 2010

7 months old already!

The girls are 7 months old! I can't believe it! We got scooting and crawling and teething

and standing up when they are propped up! Things are crazy!

Taking a stroll in our new side by side stroller. They held hands and looked at each other! So darn cute!

Oh and Lara doesn't like fruit! What kid doesn't like fruit? My kids prefer squash and zucchini! I'm confused by that!I guess it won't last long!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I've got to remember....

So last night, once again, I cried myself to sleep cause I miss Reese (yes, I am still talking about my doggy):

That's my Reese when he was just a little guy.

It sucks being "alone". I know he was hard of hearing, but IF someone had tried to break in or hurt me or the girls, I think Reese would have died trying to protect us or at the very least he might have shit on the floor and at least the smell would have made them gag and then I could have hit them over the head with the phone or a rattle or something. He was trained when he was a pup and although we hadn't never needed it (Thank God)I guess he never forgot how to do it. Nighttime is the loneliest time for me. After I put the girls to bed- most nights it was just Reese and me. That's when I got to have time with him. Usually me feeding him some snacks and just giving him some good ole loving pets or talking to him cause I really forgot sometimes that he was a "dog". But now, I don't have anyone following me around and it sucks. I miss him.

And then this morning, I went into the nursery and I saw both girls laying there in their cribs and my eyes welled up with tears. I just stopped in my tracks and thought about my life.

I have so much- I have a roof over my head... I have a husband who thinks I am "sexy" (so he told me) even though I still look pregnant.. we don't lack for anything (except for time) ... I have a great family (mine and Bobby's).. I have a job (even though some days it is all I can do to survive there too).. I have more than alot of people.

But most of all I have Kristin and Lara

Kristin sitting up during bathtub- this is new- just started this week.

Lara- my little splasher- she soaked me, the rugs, the tile floor, the walls, the cabinets- this too started this week.

Even though it has been alot of ups and downs to get to where I am today-
I've got to remember- I am very fortunate!