Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 27 and moving right along!

Here I am in all my glory! Sorry my hair is a mess cause I am TIRED with all capital letters!!

So far, I am moving right along and I don't have any craziness to report. I have alot of aches and pains I didn't know came along with pregnancy. No one warned me about it. I began having acid reflux at week 8 and it has not let up, in fact it has gotten worse. Dr Talks gave me a script for prescription Zantac extra strength! It kinda helps but seriously- no one told me about this acid reflux crap! I also developed carpal tunnel in both hands! Och! Talk about painful. I didn't know that carpal tunnel felt like this, NOW I know and although Dr Talks assured me it would go away after delivery- I am having a hard time believing him. It keeps me awake at night cause my hands ache so bad! I am now wearing braces on my arms during the day to try and help me sleep better. Those are my 2 major complaints- for now anyways!!

I do, however, enjoy feeling the babies move. I can totally tell when they are awake and when they are asleep. I also know for sure they like ice cream! They are their mother's daughters after all! The wonderful part of pregnancy is knowing that they are "ours" and I love them already. I love watching Bobby get excited when they kick and he feels them. I like watching my stomach move like I have some foreign bodies in there- oh yeah I do! I can't wait to see their little feet and hands through my skin. That's the beauty of being pregnant.

I am anxious for school to be out! 16 more days to wake up!! Aghhh! Then I will only leave the house for food trips and dr's appts!! Well maybe more than that! We'll have to see!

The nursery is in a total standstill- LONG story! Basically my sister, mom, and 2 yr old niece had to move in cause my sister left her asshole of a husband! So ummm... yeah, there is no nursery action going on in my house.

The best part of no nursery action means Bobby has FINALLY finished the remodel of the bathroom! I took a shower in my new shower last night and this morning too! I will do before and after pics soon. We (I say "we" I mean Bobby) has a few little things to do- like hang the mirrors and stuff, but other than that FULLY functional!! WOO HOO!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am a bad blogger!

I am sorry! I suck I know! Really it is because I am SO busy at the end of the school year as well as I can't use my laptop at home cause my beautiful niece broke my wireless card and although I read blogs while eating my lunch at work, I don't have time to blog myself! I have not forgotten you!
So quickly, I am moving right along! I am 25 weeks today and after I get Bobby to take a pic I will post it as well as the update of the last appt/ultrasound.
I also haven't wanted to blog either because in the last few weeks my body has betrayed me! I am falling apart and really ...I am bitching ALOT! And I don't really think people want to hear me bitching about my newly developed carpal tunnel and the lack of sleep I am getting. I am really over the gaining of weight, I have decided that I will no longer look at the scale and just accept this beautiful bump as my girls and I will worry about losing the weight in August!!
That's about it! We are slowly working on the nursery as well. I have done about 8 loads of baby clothes! You can really fit alot of newborn stuff in one load! My mother in law is coming after Memorial day to paint a mural on the wall for the girls and I will post that when she is done.
Other than that... I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the last day of school! Which is forever and a day away!! June 17th for the kids and the 18th for me! Still more than a month! UGHH!
I promise I will try to be better about posting! The girls are saying Hey! They both just gave me a kick, kick!!