Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 27 and moving right along!

Here I am in all my glory! Sorry my hair is a mess cause I am TIRED with all capital letters!!

So far, I am moving right along and I don't have any craziness to report. I have alot of aches and pains I didn't know came along with pregnancy. No one warned me about it. I began having acid reflux at week 8 and it has not let up, in fact it has gotten worse. Dr Talks gave me a script for prescription Zantac extra strength! It kinda helps but seriously- no one told me about this acid reflux crap! I also developed carpal tunnel in both hands! Och! Talk about painful. I didn't know that carpal tunnel felt like this, NOW I know and although Dr Talks assured me it would go away after delivery- I am having a hard time believing him. It keeps me awake at night cause my hands ache so bad! I am now wearing braces on my arms during the day to try and help me sleep better. Those are my 2 major complaints- for now anyways!!

I do, however, enjoy feeling the babies move. I can totally tell when they are awake and when they are asleep. I also know for sure they like ice cream! They are their mother's daughters after all! The wonderful part of pregnancy is knowing that they are "ours" and I love them already. I love watching Bobby get excited when they kick and he feels them. I like watching my stomach move like I have some foreign bodies in there- oh yeah I do! I can't wait to see their little feet and hands through my skin. That's the beauty of being pregnant.

I am anxious for school to be out! 16 more days to wake up!! Aghhh! Then I will only leave the house for food trips and dr's appts!! Well maybe more than that! We'll have to see!

The nursery is in a total standstill- LONG story! Basically my sister, mom, and 2 yr old niece had to move in cause my sister left her asshole of a husband! So ummm... yeah, there is no nursery action going on in my house.

The best part of no nursery action means Bobby has FINALLY finished the remodel of the bathroom! I took a shower in my new shower last night and this morning too! I will do before and after pics soon. We (I say "we" I mean Bobby) has a few little things to do- like hang the mirrors and stuff, but other than that FULLY functional!! WOO HOO!!


poohgodes25 said...

AWWW the Mama belly so big and gorgous!! Hopefully they get back to their own home soon, so you get going on the nursury. You look great!!

just me, dawn said...

welcome back, you look beautiful! and sorry to hear about your sister, but yay for a finished bathroom!

Mel said...

Whoa! Look at that belly! BEAUTIFUL.

Sarah said...

I had the same problems with my hands when I was pregnant. My Doctor told me to wear the braces at night and to try and make an effort to keep my hands below my heart while sleeping(easier said than done btw!)

Joye said...

You look great! It does sound difficult! How are the students reacting to your pregnancy? Hang in there! ((HUGS))

jenjam said...

Love the belly pic! You look great!