Thursday, July 30, 2009

The twins will be here sooner than later (I hope)

Here I am at 35 wks and 6 days. (Currently I am 36wk 2 days) It just might be my last belly pic.

I went to the dr on Weds. and he did an internal exam (can't say I am looking forward to that again!) And lo and behold, I am 3cm dilated and thinned out (he didn't say how much). I was surprised, although I have been having contractions, just not regular ones, I figured they were just Braxton Hicks. I am having contractions still, just not regular enough to go into the hospital.

Now I am a mad woman trying to get little things done before they arrive. I do have my wonderful friend Kate, updating as soon as she gets word and if she can with pics. If you are on Facebook, look there too.

So hopefully next post will be of the 2 girls!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OMG I am a horrible blogger!

I super suck I know! The thing is I am really trying to be a busy bee (in between naps that is) getting ready for these babies, cause ready or not- they are coming!! I have received some emails threatening bodily harm as I have not updated so here it is!

I am 34 weeks today. Holy crap times flies! I never thought I would be here- huge and still pregnant. I never thought this day would come but alas it is and I have to admit I am a little more than scared. Since the moment that pregnancy test read "pregnant" I have worried. Worried about staying pregnant to making it to viability to my thoughts now of "OMG I am going to be a mom". After they are born, am I going to be like my mom? Will I ALWAYS be worried for them for the rest of my life? Not only do you lose sleep during infancy but then I have to worry once they start kindergarten, then they'll start to drive, and then date and then go off to college, cause let's face it... I know what I was doing! So now my thoughts are "OMG, I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!!!" For right now, I will try to worry about did I wash everything in baby safe detergent and do we have enough diapers to last me so I don't have to try to venture out with 2 babies in the middle of the night!! Cause I am sure as hell not focusing on the delivery!! I mean cause that absolutely scares the ever living shit out of me!!

Anyway- here I am 33 weeks pregnant- no I did not develop a growth on my belly- I burnt myself cooking so now I have decided I am not cooking anything more than frozen entrees until my belly shrinks cause it hurts to get a burn and the babies did not like my belly being burnt either.

After my house guests left, we have been steadily working around here to prepare ourselves for our 2 new members. Bobby's parents came last week and his mom painted a mural on the wall for the girls in the nursery. It is the best picture I could take and the flash makes a highlighted spot but I tried my best.

Where the flash makes it lighter is a waterfall and there are monkeys in the trees which are not seen cause of the flash. I decided Bobby is the daddy lion, I am the zebra (cause that one if my favorite it looks so real like it could walk off the wall) and the girls are the monkeys.

I have an appt tomorrow and you never know- I might just put up new u/s pics tomorrow! We'll see what the good doc has to say.

Oh, update on the doggy. Reese is getting slower. I just can't get up the nerve to put him down yet. It is the saddest thing ever for me. I had Reese WAY longer than I have had Bobby. I want Reese to met his sisters- but then again am I being selfish? He is still eating and he follows us around, but you can tell when he has a rougher day than others. He is starting to poop in the house some cause I think he can't feel it all the time. I am just not ready and it seems to me that Reese isn't ready yet either. About a week ago I thought "Ok this is it, he has had several really bad days in a row and maybe we should do it now" and then it is like he knew it and suddenly got his toys out of his basket and played fetch a few times and chewed on his favorite toys. I don't know. I do know I love him and this is one of the hardest decisions in my life. By the way, if you are in the middle of deciding about putting your dog down, DON'T watch Marley and Me! Also, you probably should watch it pregnant either. I knew what happens, I still watched it, and then laid on the floor crying into Reese's fur for 30 minutes- he looked at me like I was crazy but gave me kisses anyway- How can you put that to sleep when he looks so trusting into your eyes and loves you so much unconditionally??