Friday, December 11, 2009

Who cried when we saw Santa??

Well they girls didn't! But Bobby did!! And yes, I laughed at him! He said "It was there first time on Santa's lap, we will never have the first time again!"

Aren't they the cutest little things ever??? Damn, I made cute kids!! If I do say so myself!

We also had our 4 month check up and shots at the pediatricians. So it went something like this:

Kristin- 12 lb 1 oz- 23.25 in- 10th percentile for both height and weight
Lara- ll lbs- 22.5 in- 5th for height and 3rd for weight

Ok so I have little wee ones!

We discussed cereal, sleeping through the night (cause we still aren't), Kristin's constipation and reflux, breastfeeding, and Spitting up and IF this Colic is EVER going to end!

So since rice cereal can cause constipation, we are starting with Oatmeal cereal instead. We will try that on Saturday- should be interesting.

Giving Kristin yet again another medicine to try and make her poop. Come on child and poop on a regular basis. I know it has to hurt and it makes her cranky. Dr B said we should be on the home stretch of Colic and it should be ending soon. God I hope so!! She screamed last night for an hour and 40 mins and then all of a sudden she stopped slept for 10 mins and was an angel after that! Like having Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

They got some shots and we were off!

Visiting Santa was quite the adventure. I waited to dress them until we only had 3 people in front of us in line- because lo and behold as soon as we picked them up off of Santa's lap- I was once again covered in puke. Ughh!! How many times in a 24 hour time period can 1 person be spit up on?? I will keep track and let you know.

As for me and Bobby. We are in a "compromise" right now. He wants me to be more specific and tell him exactly what I want him to do. So I am going to work on not being pissed that I have to tell him exactly what to do and just tell him cause I assume that he knows that if the girls need to be changed- that he should change them and then he can go play on the computer. But we are working on that.

My New Year's resolution is to get over my anger and just tell him what to do without resentment. We'll see how that goes too.......

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Invasion of Privacy

This is a rant about my husband!!!!

So yesterday, my hubby had to have some warranty things done on his car, so he came to school and got my car and went about his day- which did NOT consist of watching the girls cause he had "stuff to do".

My friend Kate and I, well we IM each other throughout the day. It is nice, I get to vent some and she does too. We don't do it all day, but we write down what's going on and support each other during the day. Sometimes it takes us awhile to write back, all depends on what is going on. So anyway...

We were discussing that my hubby would like to have another baby (yes you heard me correctly). My response was something of- "of course he would because he doesn't do shit to help me."

So when he came to pick me up I was in a meeting, I came back and he was at my desk on my computer and I saw that the IM was scrolled back to the top. I didn't say anything, but the rest of the night all I heard was "Well, since I don't do shit" or something to that effect. I told him I thought we were over that, but apparently it isn't. I mean I know it isn't because I am not over it, but I can't say anything to "make" him help me. So I just don't say anything else, why bother? There's no point.

He "thinks" he is helping me and I feel he isn't so why? It only makes us both upset and angry, and since I can't stand arguing what's the point in continuing? So I tell my friends and my blog and all how he doesn't help. I am not keeping it all inside and now I have come to learn that a lot of men just don't help. They "think" or "feel" that they are, but their spouse feels they aren't.

The biggest thing of all this is that he read MY stuff! I have NEVER gone through his stuff. Frankly, I don't give a shit about his emails or text messages or cell phone calls, and now I just don't have the energy to be "sneaky", I am just TOO TIRED. If he wanted to cheat or had someone on the side... I will kindly help him pack his shit and leave. In Beyonce's terms "To the left, to the left, everything you own in a box to the left." Followed by, "You don't know about me, I can have another you in a minute" Except I don't want another him... I'd find one that helps me!! HA take that Bobby! I mean why the fuck does he feel that insecure about our marriage that he would read my stuff??? I asked him that but I didn't really give him a chance to answer. Because I was too busy getting the girls ready for bed- by myself as usual. Then Kristin had a melt down and I held her as he rolled over and went to sleep and kindly snored for Kristin and me! Thanks asshole!

I should precipitate this by this is what happened on Thanksgiving. My whole family got together at my sister's and I had fed the girls (notice once I again I said "I") and pumped and was all nice a full so I laid down on the floor (as not to bother or take up any room on the couch to keep anyone from not having a seat to watch the game) My bil and sister were holding the girls, BIL says to Bobby let's go watch the game on my new plasma. Bobby turns to me and holds out Kristin and says "Here, you aren't doing anything." Are you fucking kidding me??? I never get 5 minutes to myself, I mean I have held a baby while trying to pee! BIL says basically, "Courtney, never gets to do nothing- we got this, we can take the girls up to the room, they don't need anything and even if they do it's 2 vs 2!" Really Bobby?? Everyone else sees that I don't get a break, why can't my husband? Why am I STILL having this conversation?

The only time I am away from the girls I am at work! Then people STILL want something from me! Someone is wanting something from me ALWAYS- whether it is the girls, the kids at school, or my husband!! Someone ALWAYS wants something!! I want time where NOONE wants something!! PLEASE!!!

Seriously, I worry about my marriage. No one prepared me for the fact that having these twins would drive such a rift between us. I mean I knew it would change my marriage but not to this extreme.

I try saying this to him but all it does is turn into a fight and I am tired of the fighting. I am not a fighter!

I feel like giving up!

And now all I have is my blog to be honest- cause he doesn't know I have one!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thankful for...

I am truly thankful for....



Last year on Thanksgiving day, I gave myself injections of Follistim. We had to leave from Bobby's parents house early (like 5 am) on Friday to go have a dr appt with the u/s machine and blood work. I saw 6 follies that day only to have them reduce down each time I went AND then on IUI day... there were 2!! I felt so alone and I was scared that we would never have kids. I was talking about IVF and having to wait cause we would need a second mortgage or an equity line of credit on our house. Plus I knew that we would have to wait cause I wouldn't be able to take off everyday from school for the blood work and u/s.

Now a year later- I can't believe it.

I am thankful for my girls and thankful that they are healthy! I am thankful I am their mom! I am thankful because they are the cutest things I ever made! I am thankful that they are growing and smile and coo and all the wonderful stuff they do... because they are mine! I have SO much to be thankful for!!!


PS- I am also Thankful for Thanksgiving- my favorite holiday!! NO presents- just FOOD AND FAMILY!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Well before I get to my "real" post- here's some pics of the girls on their 1st Halloween.

"The Fam" (all I see is the inter tube of fat around my waist aka muffin top)

Girls with the pumpkins

Scary Ghost Lara and Spooky Spider Kristin

So this has been a long time coming.

I haven't been as good at posting since the girls were born because of alot of things. But mainly because I feel like I would be lying. Lying to you because of all the emotions I have had since I gave birth.

Honestly, since I have had the girls, I no longer feel like myself. I have lost a part of myself because of all the stuff going on. First, giving birth and the aftermath of having twins is the hardest thing I have ever done. After I delivered the girls vaginally, I had "things" to deal with. Mostly dealing with what goes on in the delivery room, the stuff we all knows happens but it is hard to take when it is you. It took me a few weeks to get over that.

Secondly, I underestimated how hard parenthood is. I didn't realize the sacrifices and how EXHAUSTING it is. At first, the lack of sleep and the weeks of having a few hours makes "Courtney think she is going crazy". I hear the girls crying even when they aren't crying, makes you wonder if I am going crazy, huh? Maybe a little postpartum depression??? I think so.... or not, maybe it is the lack of husband support.

Third, my husband and I are having ALOT of issues. I don't think we are on the same page. I feel like he doesn't so shit to help me. He has worked more overtime since the girls have been born than he has ever in his life. When my hubby works overtime he is gone for 72 hours straight, his normal shifts are 24 hours long, so overtime makes him be gone 3 days in a row. That's 3 days and 3 nights!!! Try doing that with twins alone! I did and it made me be a really ugly person. Then when he did come home, he did everything but be inside helping me. He has started to mow the neighbor's lawn too. He tore down our sun room to build the girls a playroom... cause really they need a playroom now, right? Seriously?? He never once came home after being gone for 24 hours, let alone 72 hours, and said "Honey, I realize you have been alone with them for "blank number of" hours. I got this. Take a shower or a nap, I see you are in the same clothes that you were in when I left "blank number of" days ago, here let me help you". After a huge screaming match- we came to a decision- he thinks I am ungrateful and crazy and I think he doesn't do shit to help me and that we will never have sex until he does. How's that?

Not to mentions that Kristin has Colic. She was having 4 crying/screaming episodes a day, lasting anywhere from 30 mins to 4 hours. GOOD TIMES!!!Wear that hat for days in a row. It was enough to make the Pope lose his shit and curse.

Put all that together and lack of sleep and feeling like I was "alone" and it makes for a pretty miserable person. In the middle of all that, Bobby wanted to take Reese to the vet and discuss "quality of life". I went and basically said that I wasn't putting the dog down anytime soon. Some days he is the only thing in the house that kept me from losing my shit.

It is getting better around the house- except Bobby still thinks he does more than the average man in helping with the babies- but I think it has more to do with the fact that I went back to work and I feel "normal". I may not be sleeping all the way through the night yet, but I like being out in "the real world". I am NOT Stay at Home Mom material, I am proud to admit that I am woman enough to admit that that is not a good thing for me. I look forward to picking the girls up from the sitter (who I was friends with in high school and her mom was my cheerleading coach in Rec league), so I don't feel guilty leaving them either. Being back at work makes me appreciate the time I do spend with them. I can handle Kristin's colic episodes better and that makes me feel like a better mom. Cause I wasn't feeling like I was a good one for the whole time they had been on this Earth.

So anyway, that's how I felt and I am sorry. But I felt like you needed an explanation on why I couldn't write about how wonderful everything was, cause for me it wasn't. I wanted to have a baby and I wanted to be pregnant and both were not what I thought it would be like... made me feel guilty and shitty about myself. I started thinking- maybe that was why I was "infertile" in the first place, maybe God knew I'd be a shitty ass mom and I fucked with it by going and getting pregnant.

Whatever it may be, I am glad to have my girls and everyday they amaze me. They are certainly the cutest things I ever made!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The cutest set of girlie girl twins!!

Well at least I think the are the cutest set of girlie girl twins!!

So here they are on Sunday in their "matchy match" outfits. That is as "matchy" as I get. I love Car.ter's and their 2 onesies on a hanger- makes me be able to coordinate without making them "match". They are fraternal twins and even if they were identical I would still want them to be individuals. My mom thinks it is cute and says all the twins she knows liked dressing alike- so I guess they will continue to get matching outfits- I just don't have to dress them in them at the same time!!

Even though they both had a "little" cold, they were pretty smiley for us to take their pics. We went to to get their pics done and they told us 5 mins, we waited 45 and they lost their shit so we left. Went home and put a white sheet on the recliner and voila! And probably saves us $200 too! Bonus!

And last but not least: Here's Reese with his babies! Kristin was starting to have a meltdown, she could only take so many pics and we took alot to get a few that were good.

We are going to visit Pop and Little Grandma this weekend for Great Grandma's 80th birthday. The girls will wear their Halloween costumes!! Oh they are so cute!!

I am back to work and managing that well. I like being back to work- makes me appreciate the time I do have with them. Plus, I can handle Kristin's 8pm Colic fit better. I have more patience and since I missed the rest of them through the day, I am not as frustrated. Plus, FINALLY they are sleeping 5+ hours!! I think that helps me mentally too! I know I am not SAHM material, I just can't do it. Although I like being a teacher and having off holidays and the summer- I do like the structure working provides- geesh I am a kid really!

More pics to come after the Halloween bash! I guess I am getting pretty boring- I don't have anything exciting happening anymore. Hopefully the girls will start to be more entertaining soon, like breaking out some new tricks.

Friday, October 9, 2009

2 months old

I don't have time to "really" update- but here are a few pics from yesterday and today.

The girls are 2 months old- WOW!! Went to pediatrician on Monday and the girls got their first shots! Well the first ones I saw- they got some in the hospital. They got clean bills of health and he told me how beautiful they are and once again how beautifully their heads are shaped. I guess that is a good thing- no cone heads here!

Kristin weighs 10lbs and 4 oz and is 22 inches long. He upped her reflux meds and said she probably did have some colic. My poor bay-be!

Lara weighs 8lbs and 14 oz and is 21 inches. He said she was growing well and is "catching" her sister!

I go back to work on Monday! BLAH!! Do I have to?

Holding Hands

Kristin (left) and Lara (right)



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Growing so fast!

My girls are 7 weeks old already- in some ways it seems like forever through the dense fog of sleep deprivation and in other ways I can't believe it! So here they are:

Lara is on the left and Kristin is on the right.

This is Kristin. She is my eldest and is already showing her personality. She is demanding and likes to be the center of attention. Totally her father!! She also LOVES to cuddle with you, she makes her daddy cry when she smiles. She even smiled at him first- made me mad as I am the one that carried her for 37 weeks! Ughh! Can't she smile at ME first! Kristin was diagnosed with Acid reflux. She also seems to have a touch of Colic. She cries alot and makes me feel like an inadequate mother as I can't soothe her. It is frustrating and makes for alot of stress. I feel for her on the reflux cause it sucked ass while I was pregnant and I could bitch about it. She can't, well... I guess she does with her crying. I wish I could help her. Really makes me upset.

This is my youngest, Lara. She is totally the "baby" in the family. She loves to be held and cuddled too. She smiles and loves to look around. She is an easy going child and I fear for my sanity when she is a teenager. I think she will be my hand full then!

On a good note- they went 5 hours between a feeding the night before last- from 9:30 pm to 2:45 am. Gotta work on sleeping through that time. Lara got up but wanted to be changed. Then last night they slept for 4 hour stretches at a time again! I almost feel like a normal person!

The coolest thing happened this morning! I had the girls on their activity mat and they were looking at each other and smiling and cooing. So I got out the video camera and tried to get them to do it again. Of course they didn't BUT Kristin rolled over from her belly to her back! AND I got it on tape!!! I'll never catch stuff on video again probably- especially after I go back to work in 11 days- BLAH!

Friday, August 28, 2009

1st trip to see Daddy's firetruck

Like our nieces and nephew, Bobby had to take the girls to see his expensive toys. Although the girls didn't get to ride around in the truck yet, you should have seen the grown men at the fire station ogle over my babies. Cracked me up.
I guess the funniest part is that Kristin pooped all over the fire chief's office! Hehe!!

Bobby went back to work yesterday and so far we survived the first night without him. He works 24 hours on and then 24 hours off. However, he had to work overtime so he is gone for 72 hours straight. It is a LONG night by yourself when 2 babies are screaming and you can't get to the 2nd one fast enough. Thankfully we all survived 'til morning. Now 2 more nights.

I have some wonderful friends that have brought me food and came and helped hold the babies so I could take a shower. The girls are getting into a little bit better of a sleep pattern at night, especially Lara. I have to wake her to feed her every 3 hours when her sister is up, although Kristin is up WAY more than every 3 hours. You'd think the smaller baby would need more attention and food, but nope! Hopefully, soon we will get on a better sleep schedule, at least for my sanity.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 weeks old and I am still alive!

You know someone told me twins weren't all that hard- oh yeah that lady had triplets!

Wow the girls are 2 weeks old today and although I get VERY few hours (2 if I am REALLY lucky) of sleep in a row- I am still alive and so are they. Which is a good thing!

The girls had their 2 week old pedi appt yesterday. Kristin weighs 7lb 6oz and is doing well, no more jaundice. Lara is 5lb 14 oz and she also got a clean bill of health. Dr B was super happy as they had gained 12 and 11 oz respectively after the initial loss after birth. He will see them back in 2 weeks for their 1st round of shots. More poor babies! I hate shots although I have done them to myself, I still don't like them!

So here are my bay-bies enjoying their activity mat. They like being with each other and often I catch them staring at each other! So cute! Lara even sucked on the back of Kristin's head while they waited for me to get set up so they could eat. Everyone around here is learning patience! (Lara is the "top" baby and Kristin on the "bottom")

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pics of the girls

I am MORE than exhausted! But I thought I would put up some pics of the girls for those who have not seen them.

This is Kristin Jean- my jaundice baby! Already showing that she is the oldest child- very independent!

This is Lara Anne- my big eater! She'd stay attached to the breast ALL day and night if she could!

Bobby and I are overwhelmed and overjoyed! Hard to believe tomorrow they will be a week old! More pics to come when I actually get some sleep- more than 1 hour at a time! Wouldn't change it for the world!

BTW- Reese has a new attitude! Suddenly he is running- I mean running to "guard" the girls. He hasn't been this spunky in awhile! The girls have taken at least 2 years off of him! I guess the girls give him something to do!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome Kristin and Lara!

Kate here, blogging you an update for Courtney.

Kristin was born at 5:30pm. She was 6lbs 14 oz and 19.5 inches long. Lara was born at 6:19pm. She was 5lbs 6.5oz and 18.5 inches long. Mom and babies are doing just fine.

Congratulations Courtney & Bobby!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

OMG I am going to be a mommy tomorrow!

So as you can see my belly has dropped! 37 weeks and 3 days with twins is NO joke!

I have been wavering today with the thoughts of "Thank God I won't be pregnant anymore" to "Holy shit I am going to be responsible for 2 people for the rest of my life!"

I did this before I got married too. Thinking I'd be someone's wife which seems very grown up, somehow this seems even more grown up!

All I want is some sleep tonight and a safe and healthy delivery for me and the twins!

Updates to follow!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"You're still pregnant"

Ummm.. that is exactly what my dr said as I waddled down the hall in his office today! Yeah, I am still pregnant! DUH!

Anyway, he teased me for a few minutes about going to the hospital not getting my way so signing myself out and refusing medical treatment- which is only partially true. I didn't want anything to stop labor and I think I can rest better at home. I mean seriously who would rather be in a hospital bed than in your own bed?

He checked and I am 4 cm and he is like How are you still pregnant? I don't know, that's why I pay him! He is in surgery the next few days and wants to induce me but is checking his schedule and will call me and let me know- Wed, Thurs or Fri! Just depends! Now that I know he isn't making me wait until 39 weeks I am a much calmer and happier pregnant lady! I will probably go into labor on my own as I "rest" (which I am seriously going to do), no more walking or anything to MAKE myself go into labor- so it will probably happen on its own!

Updates to follow as soon as I know myself! And a last belly shot if I get so adventurous- remember I am relaxing!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Practice run down

Bobby and I headed to L&D late last night/early this morning as my contractions were 8 mins apart. They hooked me up to all the monitors and slowly the contractions start to spread out. The nurse wouldn't call Dr M and the dr on call wanted to give me meds to stop contractions. I opted to come home and "rest" instead. They want me to be 37 weeks, which is in 2 days.

Everyone wants me up and walking and all I really want to do is sleep, I am exhausted. IF I jump start labor today I won't be good during the whole process as I am completely worn out!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The twins will be here sooner than later (I hope)

Here I am at 35 wks and 6 days. (Currently I am 36wk 2 days) It just might be my last belly pic.

I went to the dr on Weds. and he did an internal exam (can't say I am looking forward to that again!) And lo and behold, I am 3cm dilated and thinned out (he didn't say how much). I was surprised, although I have been having contractions, just not regular ones, I figured they were just Braxton Hicks. I am having contractions still, just not regular enough to go into the hospital.

Now I am a mad woman trying to get little things done before they arrive. I do have my wonderful friend Kate, updating as soon as she gets word and if she can with pics. If you are on Facebook, look there too.

So hopefully next post will be of the 2 girls!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OMG I am a horrible blogger!

I super suck I know! The thing is I am really trying to be a busy bee (in between naps that is) getting ready for these babies, cause ready or not- they are coming!! I have received some emails threatening bodily harm as I have not updated so here it is!

I am 34 weeks today. Holy crap times flies! I never thought I would be here- huge and still pregnant. I never thought this day would come but alas it is and I have to admit I am a little more than scared. Since the moment that pregnancy test read "pregnant" I have worried. Worried about staying pregnant to making it to viability to my thoughts now of "OMG I am going to be a mom". After they are born, am I going to be like my mom? Will I ALWAYS be worried for them for the rest of my life? Not only do you lose sleep during infancy but then I have to worry once they start kindergarten, then they'll start to drive, and then date and then go off to college, cause let's face it... I know what I was doing! So now my thoughts are "OMG, I WILL NEVER SLEEP AGAIN!!!" For right now, I will try to worry about did I wash everything in baby safe detergent and do we have enough diapers to last me so I don't have to try to venture out with 2 babies in the middle of the night!! Cause I am sure as hell not focusing on the delivery!! I mean cause that absolutely scares the ever living shit out of me!!

Anyway- here I am 33 weeks pregnant- no I did not develop a growth on my belly- I burnt myself cooking so now I have decided I am not cooking anything more than frozen entrees until my belly shrinks cause it hurts to get a burn and the babies did not like my belly being burnt either.

After my house guests left, we have been steadily working around here to prepare ourselves for our 2 new members. Bobby's parents came last week and his mom painted a mural on the wall for the girls in the nursery. It is the best picture I could take and the flash makes a highlighted spot but I tried my best.

Where the flash makes it lighter is a waterfall and there are monkeys in the trees which are not seen cause of the flash. I decided Bobby is the daddy lion, I am the zebra (cause that one if my favorite it looks so real like it could walk off the wall) and the girls are the monkeys.

I have an appt tomorrow and you never know- I might just put up new u/s pics tomorrow! We'll see what the good doc has to say.

Oh, update on the doggy. Reese is getting slower. I just can't get up the nerve to put him down yet. It is the saddest thing ever for me. I had Reese WAY longer than I have had Bobby. I want Reese to met his sisters- but then again am I being selfish? He is still eating and he follows us around, but you can tell when he has a rougher day than others. He is starting to poop in the house some cause I think he can't feel it all the time. I am just not ready and it seems to me that Reese isn't ready yet either. About a week ago I thought "Ok this is it, he has had several really bad days in a row and maybe we should do it now" and then it is like he knew it and suddenly got his toys out of his basket and played fetch a few times and chewed on his favorite toys. I don't know. I do know I love him and this is one of the hardest decisions in my life. By the way, if you are in the middle of deciding about putting your dog down, DON'T watch Marley and Me! Also, you probably should watch it pregnant either. I knew what happens, I still watched it, and then laid on the floor crying into Reese's fur for 30 minutes- he looked at me like I was crazy but gave me kisses anyway- How can you put that to sleep when he looks so trusting into your eyes and loves you so much unconditionally??

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome Third Trimester!!

I am in my 3rd trimester!

I also have the most wonderful husband ever cause I was able to do this yesterday:

He went to Big.Lots and bought me this wonderful 16x9 pool with a pump! I have wanted to be swimming cause it is SO hot!! He set it all up and everything and when I got home from school he said "Let's go swimming!" Oh it was like heaven! For a few hours I was almost weightless! I floated on my noodles and loved every second!! I can't wait to get in it today! I just need that pool to last until I have these babies!!

I welcomed my third trimester this morning with feeling like I was back in my first trimester! I was back to being nauseous and throwing up... sorry. However, it did ease up.

I go back to the maternal fetal medicine dr tomorrow so more pics of my girls! I love seeing them!

Only 11 more school days left! Hopefully, I will survive... cause my body is betraying me quickly! Then "my" made up bedrest as well as floating in my pool. Ahhh... I love being a teacher for half of June, July and most of August!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Week 27 and moving right along!

Here I am in all my glory! Sorry my hair is a mess cause I am TIRED with all capital letters!!

So far, I am moving right along and I don't have any craziness to report. I have alot of aches and pains I didn't know came along with pregnancy. No one warned me about it. I began having acid reflux at week 8 and it has not let up, in fact it has gotten worse. Dr Talks gave me a script for prescription Zantac extra strength! It kinda helps but seriously- no one told me about this acid reflux crap! I also developed carpal tunnel in both hands! Och! Talk about painful. I didn't know that carpal tunnel felt like this, NOW I know and although Dr Talks assured me it would go away after delivery- I am having a hard time believing him. It keeps me awake at night cause my hands ache so bad! I am now wearing braces on my arms during the day to try and help me sleep better. Those are my 2 major complaints- for now anyways!!

I do, however, enjoy feeling the babies move. I can totally tell when they are awake and when they are asleep. I also know for sure they like ice cream! They are their mother's daughters after all! The wonderful part of pregnancy is knowing that they are "ours" and I love them already. I love watching Bobby get excited when they kick and he feels them. I like watching my stomach move like I have some foreign bodies in there- oh yeah I do! I can't wait to see their little feet and hands through my skin. That's the beauty of being pregnant.

I am anxious for school to be out! 16 more days to wake up!! Aghhh! Then I will only leave the house for food trips and dr's appts!! Well maybe more than that! We'll have to see!

The nursery is in a total standstill- LONG story! Basically my sister, mom, and 2 yr old niece had to move in cause my sister left her asshole of a husband! So ummm... yeah, there is no nursery action going on in my house.

The best part of no nursery action means Bobby has FINALLY finished the remodel of the bathroom! I took a shower in my new shower last night and this morning too! I will do before and after pics soon. We (I say "we" I mean Bobby) has a few little things to do- like hang the mirrors and stuff, but other than that FULLY functional!! WOO HOO!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I am a bad blogger!

I am sorry! I suck I know! Really it is because I am SO busy at the end of the school year as well as I can't use my laptop at home cause my beautiful niece broke my wireless card and although I read blogs while eating my lunch at work, I don't have time to blog myself! I have not forgotten you!
So quickly, I am moving right along! I am 25 weeks today and after I get Bobby to take a pic I will post it as well as the update of the last appt/ultrasound.
I also haven't wanted to blog either because in the last few weeks my body has betrayed me! I am falling apart and really ...I am bitching ALOT! And I don't really think people want to hear me bitching about my newly developed carpal tunnel and the lack of sleep I am getting. I am really over the gaining of weight, I have decided that I will no longer look at the scale and just accept this beautiful bump as my girls and I will worry about losing the weight in August!!
That's about it! We are slowly working on the nursery as well. I have done about 8 loads of baby clothes! You can really fit alot of newborn stuff in one load! My mother in law is coming after Memorial day to paint a mural on the wall for the girls and I will post that when she is done.
Other than that... I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting the last day of school! Which is forever and a day away!! June 17th for the kids and the 18th for me! Still more than a month! UGHH!
I promise I will try to be better about posting! The girls are saying Hey! They both just gave me a kick, kick!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's been happening??

If you don't want to see a huge belly scroll down now. Here I am at 21 weeks ( I warned you):

What's been happening since my last post? Well a lot actually.

2 Days after the appt., the dr's office called, which is NEVER good! I don't like to have them call me, well unless I called them first. She proceeds to tell me that the u/s tech ( yeah the one that took 20 mins instead of the hour they told me) "thinks" she only saw one placenta. "Thinks", well... wtf does that mean? Dr Talks wants me to see a perinatalogist (or a maternal fetal medicine doctor). They scheduled my appt and OK see ya after the appt. Oh OK. So I instantly google "fraternal twins with one placenta" ... rare but actually does happen. Ha, of course I would have something rare, right? I calmly call my sister (oncologist but she had med school so what does she think?) She thinks it will all be OK but go have it checked. Of course!!

So we went to our appt on Friday and look at what we saw:



And we also saw 2... yes 2 placentas!!! Scare the ever living shit out of me for nothing.
Anyway, on the u/s that took 1.5 hours, we saw both babies have a brain (that's a good start.. we got something to work with). Both still have 2 arms and legs, no cleft palates, no hydrocephalus. ALL GREAT news!! They both had 4 chambers in their hearts (good, good) and we even got to see Kristin swallowing fluid. Pretty darn cool, I have to say. We also saw Lara kicking her sister in her face. Kristin does not like to have her picture taken and runs from the u/s wand. She had her little legs crossed and was no showing her business, she also had her hands covering her face. Well ,that could also be cause her sister was kicking her in the face. She is my quiet baby, I usually don't feel her, I know she is in there cause she is my bladder layer or on my sciatica. When she moves she steps on my bladder. Sweet angel. Lara is my Vegas show girl. She had her legs spread wide open (Great, I'll be up late when they are teenagers) and she also had her hands behind her head, kicked back and she likes to have her picture taken. She posed. Once again, we got more pics of Lara then Kristin. I feel guilty already.
I have been slowly working on the nursery. Going through the wonderful hand me downs we have been receiving!! I am ALL for hand me downs!! Thankfully both of my nieces were born at about the same time so the clothes should help us out! YAY!! The carpet is in the nursery and we have moved some of the furniture back in. Bobby's mom is coming to paint a mural on the wall for the girls (she is an awesome artist and does murals for a living). Fortunately we don't have to pay her!! I still feel like a slacker in the getting a nursery prepared department, but I didn't want 2 projects going on at the same time, but I have come to terms that the master bathroom is NEVER going to be done! So I might as well start the nursery. As soon as we get some real progress done I'll post a pic.
I'll save some of my other topics for another post.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Introducing to the World......

Drum roll please.....

Lara Anne

Kristin Jean
Yes, I have twin daughters!!! And not only do I have twin daughters, I have 2 HEALTHY daughters!!! Thank You God for healthy babies!! Beautiful faces and measuring "perfect" (that's the word the u/s tech used)! They have all the parts and their parts are where they are suppose to be!! WOO HOO!! Thanks again! They are also suppose to weigh (according to WTE and the baby books) 6-7 oz, NOPE not my girls- they weigh 11 ozs!! Explains a lot of my weight gain (well that's my excuse and I am sticking to it!) I am happy to say they are healthy and girls!!
I had an emergency visit to the OB yesterday- lots of pressure and I was in a lot of pain and freaked out. Dr Talks called me back and asked some questions, said he thought it was baby positioning and not to worry but I could come in if I wanted- I went in. So I got to see them yesterday too. Everything was fine, and it was babies positioning. Kristin likes to lay on my bladder and Lara likes to lay on top of her. Making my pelvis feel like someone had gutted me like a fish and placed a dumbbell in my gut. So the "pressure" is just my girls (my girls Uh I love it!!)
Bobby and I are over the moon. 2 daughters! His words "OMG we have to pay for 2 weddings!"
Oh how did we come up with the names- Lara Anne and Kristin Jean. Lara was my best friend growing up and I miss her very much and the movie "Dr Chevago" ( I know I jacked that all up) and the movie's musical theme is "Lara's theme" and Anne is Bobby's sister's name who was killed serving our country ( as well as my middle name but we won't remind him of that). Kristin well cause we like it and I don't know but 1 Kristin and well I didn't want an overly popular name. And Jean is after my mom. Bobby is trying to be "favorite son- in- law.
Our families are excited and since I have all sisters- I am not surprised it is 2 girls (go back and notice I said 2 girls in my prediction).
So there you have it... Lara and Kristin!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Kinda Half Way There

OK so here I am in all my glory at 18 weeks and 5 days!!
And being 18 weeks- makes me "kinda" half way done. Since I have been informed that twins come early and usually between 35-37 weeks, well that would put me "half way"!
With this realization, I have to say "Holy shit"!!! Cause we have a TON to do and not a whole helluva lot of time to do it!
Today, we bought carpet for the nursery- bye bye hardwood parkay floors! To be here and installed in about 2 weeks time! We also went to and registered. That was exhausting!! We didn't quite finish cause I was tired and frustrated and Bobby was probably almost as frustrated as you know men- they love BRU! Had we had a scanner and were in, well that would be a different story!!
I guess we better get a step on it.....
Reese is doing better slowly. He is relaxing and taking his pills, he hasn't fallen anymore. I hope we are making some progress in the rehab department!
Still haven't caught the mouse either- but the daring little MFer came out and walked up to the trap- sniffed the peanut butter and ran off! Ughh! Little bastard! About 2 feet from me as I sat on the couch, yelling for my husband!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My puppy is "geriatric"

My Reese is "geriatric". At least that is what the vet said about him.
So Bobby took the pup in on Monday and after numerous X-rays and a LARGE bill later, we have a diagnosis and although it isn't pleasant we can help him, hopefully, get better.
Reese has arthritis (we already knew that) but apparently the plaque that builds up around the joints has pinched off the nerves in his hind legs at times. So he can't "feel" his legs and that is causing him to stumble. We upped his arthritis meds , dosage and times daily, as well as giving him another pill for pain (which the vet says he isn't in cause he can't always feel his legs but it will help keep him calm- he isn't a puppy anymore even if I call him one- any more sedated and he'd be in a coma). Also, we have to contain him in a small area on carpet and then use a "sling" to help him across the tile (which I still have every area rug in the house with the skid stuff on it making a path to the doors and I went and bought more) and porch to the grass. Yes, we told her I was pregnant and she said we are to help guide and provide support him not hold him up, so I am not lifting him, just merely being a "walker" for my geriatric dog!! She also reminded us that he is "old, like a person in their 80s and what kind of movements would we expect from an old man going up the steps". I guess in a nutshell- we have a long rehab road ahead of us and this is probably starting the downhill procession that is the beginning of a decline in health. I love Reese and as much as I want him to be with me forever- I know he can't and I will NOT allow him to suffer. So when we take him back in 4 weeks for his eval, I hope we will be able to know more and make a good decision with Reese's best interest at heart. Actually, I am hoping he is alot better and I do not have to worry about making any decisions for a long time!
As it is, I am saying prayers for my Reese to get better and give me a little more time to adjust to this "aging" thing, cause it just happened to fast for Bobby and me.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

If it isn't one thing it is another...

What a weekend!

First, I guess I should start by saying that I love my dog, Reese (like grease only no "g") I have had Reese before I met my hubby. He has been around for awhile and is no spring chicken anymore. We started giving him glucosamine and chondroitin years ago. Recently we have started him on Ryma.dyl for arthritis.

So this weekend it has been hard for me to watch as my poor doggy has slipped on our tile floor in the kitchen. The first time, he didn't yelp but the second time he did. Then he scooted himself outside and squatted to pee for the first time since he was a puppy and learned to lift his leg like the "big dogs" he saw at the doggy park. So my heart is breaking as I realize my dog is getting older and no matter how much I love him, I can't heal his hips. Bobby came home and checked Reese out and said we didn't need to take him to the emergency vet , but to try and keep him off of it. Yeah, I'll try not to eat too. Same concept.

My bright idea has been to quarantine the dog. I have barricaded the kitchen and tile off so the dog won't fall and slip. I pulled every area rug with the skid stuff on the back and made a path to the back door so he doesn't fall since he has to go out. I have also been trying to stay put so he will not try to follow me around the house. So far so good. But he is still tender you can tell, good thing he was already going to the vet tomorrow at 9 am. Hopefully the good vet will have some advice and meds for the dog.

The craziest thing happened last night as I got up to pee in the middle of the night. I never cut the light on in the bathroom but for some reason I did. And as I sat there peeing, all of the sudden, a mouse ran across the floor. Yes, a mouse!! WTF?? So today I went and bought traps to set up so hopefully we can catch the uninvited guest. As I sat on the couch this afternoon, I heard the trap snap so I was scared to go look, and lo and behold, no mouse. Sneaky bastard. Luckily I have learned how to set the trap and not lose my fingers. I am just grossed out I have a mouse in my house. Bobby seems to think because of the construction going on in our house when they were coming in and out and left the door open then the mouse just strolled in and now it is like "Oops!" If my dog wasn't lame I would expect him to do something about the mouse, but since he is a gimp I will excuse him. Ugghhh! I am grossed out about the mouse.

After all.... when it rains it pours.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To appease my pals...

Since I have gotten, "You won't tell.. how unfair" and "Isn't it time for a belly pic?" comments. I thought I would appease my friends! Nope, I still won't tell until we know for 100% what they may be!
Here I am with my ever expanding, ever enlarging, ever growing belly! Week 16!
I think I may have felt the babies move- not for sure though cause I don't' know what I am suppose to be feeling! But it will come in time and I know that! I know in the weeks to come I will feel them for sure! That's all here on the home front!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The babies are.....

Yesterday was our u/s and I came home and was sicker than a dog! Ughh!
And the babies are....
I wish I could tell you! One baby (baby A) was happy to show off! But baby B was not so cooperative. Dr Talks said one baby A was definitely one sex but he wouldn't make a call on the other!
So unfortunately we all have to wait to know! Sorry!
Next u/s is April 2nd, which is the long anatomy scan. Hopefully, then the "professional" as Dr Talks called her, she will be able to make a definite call one way or the other.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What are the sexes of these babies anyway???

I promised to say what I thought the babies sexes were before my big u/s. So before I do that I have to say:
I am freaking out that we won't find out tomorrow cause:
1. The babies won't cooperate
2. Dr. Talks to Bobby more than the pregnant woman will have to leave to deliver a baby hence leaving me (us) hanging
3. One baby will cooperate and the other one plays "shy"
4. I don't know something to prevent me from seeing what's going on in there
I have thought that if Dr Talks has to leave that I will "refuse" (playfully of course but I will really mean it) to leave until someone slathers some of that blue u/s goo on my belly and takes a look and tells me penis or no penis on BOTH babies! I have ALL night to wait and I'll pay for extra goo if they'll just keep looking until we know! Or if they just give me access to the u/s machine and I will do my own u/s and with my untrained eye try to figure out what these cute little bundles are!
So with no further ado... The sexes are...
well I honestly have to say that I am having a problem picking what I think these babies are. I usually wake up in the middle of the night and I just "know" what a friend is having. Well, I haven't done that with myself. I am also so jaded as I want us to have a baby girl and a baby boy so that we have one of each and it will be just " perfect". Whatever these babies are.... it will make us a " complete perfect little family". If it is 2 girls we will be complete and perfect... if it is 2 boys then we will be complete and perfect. I will love these babies and treasure them for the rest of my life- whatever they may be. I love them already and I haven't even touched them or kissed their little cheeks, but I can wait until they grow some healthy lungs first!
What do I really think? I think it is highly possible to have one of each- but I also think it is 2 girls. Bobby is positive that one is a boy. Bobby really wants a little girl and he has said on more than one occasion, if there is no girl is in there, then we will try for a girl. WHOA Nelly! We aren't even through this yet and not to mention after we have 2 at one time I can't imagine that we would try again or even going through the whole ttc process again-ughh!
Really I would just like 2 healthy babies- and the sex doesn't matter cause no matter what we will love them and they are a piece of Bobby and me and NOTHING is better than that!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Some crazy stuff

The octo-mom sure has caused some uproar, craziness, and talk around the country. I am going to keep a lot of personal feelings to myself with regard to her. What this post is about.... states are now trying to make laws to restrict fertility clinics and couples trying to have a family. I just don't think this is fair.

I got my twins from fertility treatments- not IVF. It was discussed with me about having too many follicles and not proceeding with IUIs to prevent a multiple pregnancy. Bobby and I talked about the "what ifs" of treatments, selective reduction and so forth. I don't agree with transferring a ton of eggs or becoming overstimulated and having higher multiples. But I don't agree with putting a restriction on how many eggs can be fertilized or frozen for future use. There is just too much at stake when couples are forking out a ton on money for treatments.,0,1714490.story

I loved the clinic I went to, and it is the best as far as I am concerned. I know they have set rules about how many eggs they will transfer as well as how far they will stimulate you before an IUI to prevent higher multiple pregnancies. As we all know that higher multiples cause a lot of stress on the mother's body as well as the babies and the chances for complications. I just don't get why anyone would demand to have 6 or more embryos transferred.

Anyway, I just hope that states and the federal government don't place restrictions on fertility treatments, for religious or another reason. It would make me happier to see them place restrictions on people having babies when they can't afford them, don't take care of them, or when they smoke crack. Just my opinion.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The pros and cons

There are many perks to being a teacher. Here is a list:

1. The summer off
2. Holidays off
3. All weekends off
4. Job security (the economy/budget cuts has me a little worried about next year)
5. Set hours
6. Changing the life of a youngster
7. SNOW days with my dog!

The list of cons:

1. Crappy pay
2. Kids treating you like crap/cussing you out
3. Parents treating you worse
4. Taking papers home to grade
5. Taking lessons home to plan
6. Hearing "you get the summer off"
7. Crappy pay
8. Not getting a raise next year and being told- "just be glad you have a job"
9. Getting cussed out
10. Crappy pay

Oh I mentioned crappy pay!

Really, being a teacher is great- most days. Especially today!! When I get to stay at home and play with the pup-ster out in the yard- he looked like a puppy again- no arthritis today!!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things to think about

I have a lot of things on my brain lately.

Before my next OB appt I have to decide if I want to do a blood panel of tests. I go back and forth on having these tests done. I have read there are a lot of false positives especially with the Downs test. And we agree that we won't terminate the pregnancy even if there is something genetically wrong. We talked about this when we went through the fertility testing, what if there were multiple multiples. We decided no selective reduction either- who am I to chose if a baby should live? So I still haven't fully decided on these tests as does it matter? No. But then should I know so we could be prepared? I don't know.

What about daycare? Should I stay home? Should I work part-time? What? I know this is only a decision we can make, but it plays on my mind daily. Will I be able to leave my babies to go back to work? I always have thought I am the type of woman that would work after motherhood, but will I be able to? When should I try to go back after the babies are born?

One of the biggest thoughts right now- is this weight gain. I know, I know, I am suppose to be gaining weight. But as a woman we are told, "Don't gain weight".... "Don't get fat." And right now the needle on the scale keeps going up and I am unable to control it and it does bother me cause I worked my ass off to lose weight and now here I am just gaining it back. I eat healthy and I am still exercising, but the needle keeps on sliding up.....

What kind of car seats should we get that we will get the most use out of? What about strollers that we can have for a few years? What about breastfeeding? What if I can't breastfeed? What kind of bottles should we get? How should we decorate the nursery (cause I found out the other night we have completely opposite ideas of what we should do)?

I can't even think of all the things now....

I am happy to be in the second trimester. The nausea has slowed some and I feel better. I look more like I have been eating donuts heavily instead of looking pregnant, however I do know that once I "look" pregnant, I will look pregnant for a long time!

If I could only relax my mind.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why do people say these things?

Yesterday, I took my happy self on up to the mall to Mother.hood after deciding that I needed some sleep bras. As I stood there looking at the lacy contraptions, the sales lady asked me if I needed some help. Certainly, I am looking for your MOST comfortable sleep bra that you carry. Oh, are you expecting? Nope, I just like shopping in your overpriced maternity store. "Yes, I am." Oh when are you due? "August but my doctor said I'll probably have them in July cause we are having twins" Hysterical laughter and a slap on my shoulder, followed by "OMG, better you than me cause, one is bad enough, OMG I can't imagine 2!" WTF lady? Ummm.... if that wasn't the only maternity store in a 25 miles radius I would have walked out, but nope I still needed the freaking sleep bra.
I don't get why people feel this urge to laugh or say something when you say you are having twins.
1. Most people don't know what we went through to get these twins, so really I am happy to be pregnant at all, especially with more than one.
2. You having a baby and then getting pregnant and having them 11 months apart is NOT at all like having twins!! You were pregnant twice and didn't have 2 infants born at the same time.
3. It is not "double trouble" or whatever you think of cute.
4. The famous "Better you than me!" Yeah I know- Thank God I am even pregnant!
5. "OMG I don't know how you are going to do it" I will somehow, maybe with less sleep than you!
6. Did you want twins? See #1 and#4
I have not for a second thought that this was going to be easy. I realize twins are going to be some extra work. The thoughts of:
Are we going to be able to pay them both enough attention?
What about feeding them at the same time?
Can we give them both the same amount of time and attention?
Are we going to be able to love them the same?
Is one of them going to feel neglected?
I just don't get why people say these things to you. Usually followed there after with some twin horror story or worse their own labor/birth horror story, like "I ripped and had 22 stitches" or "My breasts became so engorged, it was almost as bad as labor" Or "I had a c-section and I got a horrible staph infection and almost bled out and died" Somehow these things don't make me feel better. I can't figure out why, but it doesn't make me any more relaxed or confident.
I haven't gotten "OMG twins- how exciting. You must be thrilled"!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Second Trimester here I come!!

The second trimester starts for me tomorrow! Woo Hoo! I am super excited and glad to be out of the "Danger Zone"! In honor of this momentous occasion- here is a belly pic of me at 12 weeks.

I am still able to wear my dress pants (I moved back up in my closet of my "fat clothes" before South Beach entered my life, a big "What Not to Wear" No-No I know) However, my "fat girl" jeans are not comfortable so I am wearing maternity jeans.

My other milestone is that the nausea has subsided alot! My 24 hour a day symptom has diminished alot! I have to admit I am happy about that. Other things are kicking in- like acid reflux and my inability to eat tomatoes. I also borrowed a Doppler from a friend and I was able to hear the babies' heartbeats this morning! That was a wonderful sound! we have our gender u/s scheduled for March 10th! I hope they will cooperate!

Next milestone will be to feel these little babies move!! OMG that will be the most wonderful thing I will ever feel in my life! At least until I get to see them and hold them!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Almost done with the 1st Trimester

We had another appointment today and got to see the twins. They really have grown and they were so cute in there.

Baby B (on the left) was moving and flipping around. Baby A (on the right obviously) was asleep at first until Baby B kept hitting the membrane and woke up Baby A. Then they were both flipping and moving. Baby B reached up and scratched his/her head! It was so cool that we could see their arms and legs and they were stretching. They wouldn't hold still so the pic isn't clear. I had asked the babies to be still and gave them a pep talk about saying "cheese" for the camera and being still, but they didn't listen. I hope that isn't what I have to look forward to for the next 18 years! Maybe it is cause they can't hear me yet. Hmmmm....

Some of the highlights going on right now, I am 12 wks 1d! Woo Hoo! I am almost done with the 1st trimester. Meaning that the nausea/ All day sickness is slowly diminishing, which is awesome! I am also slowly growing a belly. I am guessing this is probably the last week in my regular clothes, they are getting snug and I refuse to walk around uncomfortable. I am enjoying being pregnant and relishing every second.

Also, my husband is working hard on remodelling our main bathroom. I can't wait for it to be finished! Hopefully after the next 2 weekends it will be fully functional!!

I guess the biggest highlight of the day is that I graduated from the dildo cam to the belly u/s!! I wish they had told me before I sat there naked from the waist down with the paper blanket to cover myself for 45 minutes while we waited for the dr. At least he actually sits down and talks to us and we get a good 20 minutes with him.

So next u/s we should be able to see the sexes!! YAY! I am going to try to blog better as I have gotten some emails about what was going on, I am sorry but I wasn't blogging as I really didn't have anything too exciting going on cause I feel like I went to work, came home, slept to wake up and do it all over again. I figured no one wants to hear that... so I just didn't post. Sorry! Please forgive me!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its like "Ground Hog Day"

Babies week 10!

Baby A- doubled in size since last week! WOW! And was doing twirls!! My little dancer!

Baby B- was moving little legs, almost seemed like it was running. How cute!!

And here I am 9 weeks and 4 days. Bobby had to remind me to smile as I felt like vomiting but he said "his children" might not appreciate the "I am about to vomit" face I was making at the time. (I'll remember they are 'his' once they are born and want to be fed and changed every 2 hours during the night- HIS children will want him!! )

I have to admit I am not good at blogging here lately, but it is because I feel like "Ground Hog Day". I wake up, feel nauseous, dry heave some, try to not vomit as I brush my teeth, eat some, try not to vomit, try to poop, feel some indigestion, fart some, yawn excessively, try to poop again, nauseous , eat, try not to vomit, fart some more, yawn some more, eat a snack, go home, pass out on the couch for awhile, eat, feel nauseous, get ready for bed, dry heave as I brush my teeth, and lay in bed and groan and moan until I fall asleep proceeded by wake up during the night numerous times and getting up to pee (at least once), to start my day all over again. I am certainly not bitching or complaining, I am just not very exciting. My silver lining everyday as I dry heave, is that that means those babies are doing well! So I relish my "all day sickness"! I thought the other day about writing a post about what no one tells you about what happens when you are pregnant, but it was a thought and too much energy in getting up and actually typing. So other than growing the twins- I am in Ground Hog Day until at least around Valentine's Day! I hope!

Went back to "regular" Ob- LOVE him!! I go back in 2 more weeks!! He promised me more pics!! I have to admit the pics at Jones are clearer!! But I ain't bitchin'- I love seeing those little hearts beatin' and them babies dancin'!! Off to bed!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Exercising at 9 weeks + 1 day???

We saw the twins again today! How wonderful to see those little hearts beating! I love it!! And they grew so much we could get them in one u/s pic. Not only did we see the hearts beating, we got to see the babies moving! Yep my little ones were moving- and not only moving- but they appeared to be........ exercising!

Baby A- which I have decided is a girl. Just cause I want her to be. Anyway- she was doing "crunches". My little girl worried about her figure already!! She doesn't realize that at 2.5 cm she has fab abs!

Baby B- which I think is a boy- same reasoning cause I want him to be. I think he is a boy for 2 reasons: 1. he was upside down- seems like a boy thing to do and 2. he was "flexing" his arms like he was in Mr Universe Body Building Competition! Watch out Arnold Schwarzenegger- MY boy is practicing now and he is only 9 weeks old gestational age!!
Actually, seeing them move was amazing!! It was another milestone that is truly amazing and breath taking!
I also got my dismissal from Dr Never Smiles! I am no longer at the RE's- I am a "boring pregnant lady with twins, what else can they do for me?" and "Dr Never Smiles does not deliver babies" . She sent me off with a hug and a kiss and told me to keep them updated and to definitely bring the babies by. So I got the boot- in a good way. However, it does seem like a bad break up. It was bittersweet, "good-bye" to Jones.
I guess now I have to come up with a name for my regular OB, who I love too. He is a good dr, and I think I have a name brewing already. I see him next week- I hope he does an u/s next week too!! I am spoiled! But I LOVE seeing those twins!!