Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Growing so fast!

My girls are 7 weeks old already- in some ways it seems like forever through the dense fog of sleep deprivation and in other ways I can't believe it! So here they are:

Lara is on the left and Kristin is on the right.

This is Kristin. She is my eldest and is already showing her personality. She is demanding and likes to be the center of attention. Totally her father!! She also LOVES to cuddle with you, she makes her daddy cry when she smiles. She even smiled at him first- made me mad as I am the one that carried her for 37 weeks! Ughh! Can't she smile at ME first! Kristin was diagnosed with Acid reflux. She also seems to have a touch of Colic. She cries alot and makes me feel like an inadequate mother as I can't soothe her. It is frustrating and makes for alot of stress. I feel for her on the reflux cause it sucked ass while I was pregnant and I could bitch about it. She can't, well... I guess she does with her crying. I wish I could help her. Really makes me upset.

This is my youngest, Lara. She is totally the "baby" in the family. She loves to be held and cuddled too. She smiles and loves to look around. She is an easy going child and I fear for my sanity when she is a teenager. I think she will be my hand full then!

On a good note- they went 5 hours between a feeding the night before last- from 9:30 pm to 2:45 am. Gotta work on sleeping through that time. Lara got up but wanted to be changed. Then last night they slept for 4 hour stretches at a time again! I almost feel like a normal person!

The coolest thing happened this morning! I had the girls on their activity mat and they were looking at each other and smiling and cooing. So I got out the video camera and tried to get them to do it again. Of course they didn't BUT Kristin rolled over from her belly to her back! AND I got it on tape!!! I'll never catch stuff on video again probably- especially after I go back to work in 11 days- BLAH!


Kate said...

Love you and those little cuties! And I MUST see that video!

Kerri said...

You must post a video link. I can't believe they are 7 weeks old already. I love when they start getting thier personalities...Boo for going back to work...

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness they are getting so big and more beautiful by the day! Double trouble mama, you're gonna have to watch out for those boys. YAY for catching the roll over, that's awsome timing. It sounds like they are getting into a really nice sleep pattern which will come in very handy when you go back to work (which btw sucks)

Sarah said...

beautiful little girls!

So glad you updated.