Friday, August 28, 2009

1st trip to see Daddy's firetruck

Like our nieces and nephew, Bobby had to take the girls to see his expensive toys. Although the girls didn't get to ride around in the truck yet, you should have seen the grown men at the fire station ogle over my babies. Cracked me up.
I guess the funniest part is that Kristin pooped all over the fire chief's office! Hehe!!

Bobby went back to work yesterday and so far we survived the first night without him. He works 24 hours on and then 24 hours off. However, he had to work overtime so he is gone for 72 hours straight. It is a LONG night by yourself when 2 babies are screaming and you can't get to the 2nd one fast enough. Thankfully we all survived 'til morning. Now 2 more nights.

I have some wonderful friends that have brought me food and came and helped hold the babies so I could take a shower. The girls are getting into a little bit better of a sleep pattern at night, especially Lara. I have to wake her to feed her every 3 hours when her sister is up, although Kristin is up WAY more than every 3 hours. You'd think the smaller baby would need more attention and food, but nope! Hopefully, soon we will get on a better sleep schedule, at least for my sanity.


sarah said...

How freakin' adorable. Seriously. Cute, cute, cute!

Dawn said...

First of all daddy looks VERY proud posing with his little ladies :-) Second OMG I feel so bad for you, I don't know how you stayed awake long enough to post this. I was LOL at the pooping all over the office

Sarah said...

Thats a great picture!

Becki said...

Daddy looks very happy holding his girls. I'm sure he can't wait till they are big enough to go riding on it.