Saturday, August 22, 2009

2 weeks old and I am still alive!

You know someone told me twins weren't all that hard- oh yeah that lady had triplets!

Wow the girls are 2 weeks old today and although I get VERY few hours (2 if I am REALLY lucky) of sleep in a row- I am still alive and so are they. Which is a good thing!

The girls had their 2 week old pedi appt yesterday. Kristin weighs 7lb 6oz and is doing well, no more jaundice. Lara is 5lb 14 oz and she also got a clean bill of health. Dr B was super happy as they had gained 12 and 11 oz respectively after the initial loss after birth. He will see them back in 2 weeks for their 1st round of shots. More poor babies! I hate shots although I have done them to myself, I still don't like them!

So here are my bay-bies enjoying their activity mat. They like being with each other and often I catch them staring at each other! So cute! Lara even sucked on the back of Kristin's head while they waited for me to get set up so they could eat. Everyone around here is learning patience! (Lara is the "top" baby and Kristin on the "bottom")


Dawn said...

Oh my goodness look how cute they are :-) I feel so bad for you that you're not getting very much sleep, I know how hard not getting sleep was for me after Aiden was born and I only had ONE LOL. Hang in there mommy, it really does get easier as they sleep longer. Miss being pregnant yet? Hehehe thought maybe you needed a laugh to forget about the lack of sleep a little LOL

sarah said...

The lack of sleep is so hard,hang in there!

The girls are just too adorable. Really... its adorable overload here. ;-)

Becki said...

The girls are so precious, hopefully within the next few weeks they will be sleeping more during the night. I remember the non sleeping days when your up every 2-4 hrs your sense of time just completly changes. I've got about 11 more weeks till I experiance that again..hopefully only 9

BrandiH2007 said...

Hang in there. One of two things will happen, you will either get used to the lack of sleep or they will start letting you sleep longer. I really can't imagine having twins, but compared to triplets it probably is easy!

They seem to get cuter with every pic!

Sarah said...

They are absolutely gorgeous!