Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The cutest set of girlie girl twins!!

Well at least I think the are the cutest set of girlie girl twins!!

So here they are on Sunday in their "matchy match" outfits. That is as "matchy" as I get. I love Car.ter's and their 2 onesies on a hanger- makes me be able to coordinate without making them "match". They are fraternal twins and even if they were identical I would still want them to be individuals. My mom thinks it is cute and says all the twins she knows liked dressing alike- so I guess they will continue to get matching outfits- I just don't have to dress them in them at the same time!!

Even though they both had a "little" cold, they were pretty smiley for us to take their pics. We went to Sea.rs to get their pics done and they told us 5 mins, we waited 45 and they lost their shit so we left. Went home and put a white sheet on the recliner and voila! And probably saves us $200 too! Bonus!

And last but not least: Here's Reese with his babies! Kristin was starting to have a meltdown, she could only take so many pics and we took alot to get a few that were good.

We are going to visit Pop and Little Grandma this weekend for Great Grandma's 80th birthday. The girls will wear their Halloween costumes!! Oh they are so cute!!

I am back to work and managing that well. I like being back to work- makes me appreciate the time I do have with them. Plus, I can handle Kristin's 8pm Colic fit better. I have more patience and since I missed the rest of them through the day, I am not as frustrated. Plus, FINALLY they are sleeping 5+ hours!! I think that helps me mentally too! I know I am not SAHM material, I just can't do it. Although I like being a teacher and having off holidays and the summer- I do like the structure working provides- geesh I am a kid really!

More pics to come after the Halloween bash! I guess I am getting pretty boring- I don't have anything exciting happening anymore. Hopefully the girls will start to be more entertaining soon, like breaking out some new tricks.


Kate said...

Awww! Reese loves his babies even if he tries to get the hell outta dodge with Kristin loses it!

Dawn's Recipes said...

Super cute! They're getting so big!!

Kerri said...

AWW..So precious. I just love the picture of Reese with his babies...

Dawn said...

Oh my goodness look how big and even more beautiful they are :-) I hear ya about Sears, same thing happened to us. Why they have you make an appointment only to have you sit around for 8 hours anyway is beyond me. They do a great job but when you have little ones, waiting around for hours is really unreasonable