Sunday, April 19, 2009

What's been happening??

If you don't want to see a huge belly scroll down now. Here I am at 21 weeks ( I warned you):

What's been happening since my last post? Well a lot actually.

2 Days after the appt., the dr's office called, which is NEVER good! I don't like to have them call me, well unless I called them first. She proceeds to tell me that the u/s tech ( yeah the one that took 20 mins instead of the hour they told me) "thinks" she only saw one placenta. "Thinks", well... wtf does that mean? Dr Talks wants me to see a perinatalogist (or a maternal fetal medicine doctor). They scheduled my appt and OK see ya after the appt. Oh OK. So I instantly google "fraternal twins with one placenta" ... rare but actually does happen. Ha, of course I would have something rare, right? I calmly call my sister (oncologist but she had med school so what does she think?) She thinks it will all be OK but go have it checked. Of course!!

So we went to our appt on Friday and look at what we saw:



And we also saw 2... yes 2 placentas!!! Scare the ever living shit out of me for nothing.
Anyway, on the u/s that took 1.5 hours, we saw both babies have a brain (that's a good start.. we got something to work with). Both still have 2 arms and legs, no cleft palates, no hydrocephalus. ALL GREAT news!! They both had 4 chambers in their hearts (good, good) and we even got to see Kristin swallowing fluid. Pretty darn cool, I have to say. We also saw Lara kicking her sister in her face. Kristin does not like to have her picture taken and runs from the u/s wand. She had her little legs crossed and was no showing her business, she also had her hands covering her face. Well ,that could also be cause her sister was kicking her in the face. She is my quiet baby, I usually don't feel her, I know she is in there cause she is my bladder layer or on my sciatica. When she moves she steps on my bladder. Sweet angel. Lara is my Vegas show girl. She had her legs spread wide open (Great, I'll be up late when they are teenagers) and she also had her hands behind her head, kicked back and she likes to have her picture taken. She posed. Once again, we got more pics of Lara then Kristin. I feel guilty already.
I have been slowly working on the nursery. Going through the wonderful hand me downs we have been receiving!! I am ALL for hand me downs!! Thankfully both of my nieces were born at about the same time so the clothes should help us out! YAY!! The carpet is in the nursery and we have moved some of the furniture back in. Bobby's mom is coming to paint a mural on the wall for the girls (she is an awesome artist and does murals for a living). Fortunately we don't have to pay her!! I still feel like a slacker in the getting a nursery prepared department, but I didn't want 2 projects going on at the same time, but I have come to terms that the master bathroom is NEVER going to be done! So I might as well start the nursery. As soon as we get some real progress done I'll post a pic.
I'll save some of my other topics for another post.


'Murgdan' said...

Awesome. Glad everything was OK!

Sarah said...

You look fantastic!

I'm so glad the other ultra sound tech was a twit, and there are in fact TWO placentas. Phew!

Becki said...

You look great mama!! Glad everything turned out ok.

Bubba said...

fantastic !!
gorgeous babies, glad its all going fabulous !!!!

Mel said...

Thank goodness! I was a little scared for you, too. Stupid U/S tech. Your little girls look gorgeous!

Steph said...

Yay for 2 placentas!! You look great! :o)

sarah said...

Check you out!!

Sooo glad everything is looking great!

KandiB said...

Ummmm...I'm at 32 weeks and we just and I mean like last night got some of the furniture in the office (oops) I mean nursery. So don't feel bad at all! Congrats on everything looking good!