Thursday, March 26, 2009

My puppy is "geriatric"

My Reese is "geriatric". At least that is what the vet said about him.
So Bobby took the pup in on Monday and after numerous X-rays and a LARGE bill later, we have a diagnosis and although it isn't pleasant we can help him, hopefully, get better.
Reese has arthritis (we already knew that) but apparently the plaque that builds up around the joints has pinched off the nerves in his hind legs at times. So he can't "feel" his legs and that is causing him to stumble. We upped his arthritis meds , dosage and times daily, as well as giving him another pill for pain (which the vet says he isn't in cause he can't always feel his legs but it will help keep him calm- he isn't a puppy anymore even if I call him one- any more sedated and he'd be in a coma). Also, we have to contain him in a small area on carpet and then use a "sling" to help him across the tile (which I still have every area rug in the house with the skid stuff on it making a path to the doors and I went and bought more) and porch to the grass. Yes, we told her I was pregnant and she said we are to help guide and provide support him not hold him up, so I am not lifting him, just merely being a "walker" for my geriatric dog!! She also reminded us that he is "old, like a person in their 80s and what kind of movements would we expect from an old man going up the steps". I guess in a nutshell- we have a long rehab road ahead of us and this is probably starting the downhill procession that is the beginning of a decline in health. I love Reese and as much as I want him to be with me forever- I know he can't and I will NOT allow him to suffer. So when we take him back in 4 weeks for his eval, I hope we will be able to know more and make a good decision with Reese's best interest at heart. Actually, I am hoping he is alot better and I do not have to worry about making any decisions for a long time!
As it is, I am saying prayers for my Reese to get better and give me a little more time to adjust to this "aging" thing, cause it just happened to fast for Bobby and me.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Reese looks a lot like my furbaby, Sadie (my profile pic), only with perkier ears. I feel for you, Sadie will be 9 in May, and I know she is technically a geriatric too. Her joints are ok at the moment, but we have a constant struggle with allergies. Which is why she lives in "the cone" much of the time (she chews her feet raw). I hope your 'puppy' gets better soon and you don't have to make any heart wrenching decisions for a long time.

Lea said...

I hope your puppy starts feeling better too. I so hate that part of having furbabies. But they are so worth it.

Kate said...

You know I'm praying for Reese too! No matter how old dogs get, they are always puppies to me!

Anonymous said...