Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hormones make you crazy!

I now know that I officially have some crazy ass pregnant hormones going on. Not only could I not fathom the energy to get out of my pj's today (not that I am complaining as my 2 week vacation is ending) and I sat around and watched chick flicks all day. To top it off I have started crying when watching commercials.

Of all things a insurance commercial got me. It is of a couple in the hospital and they just had a baby and the dad picks the baby up out of the hospital bassinet thingy and is talking about how "when you get to that place where that little bundle of joy means its not just about me anymore- I am there"

Awwww... That's me. That's what I want. I want my hubby to pick our baby up and feel that kind of emotion. I want our baby to have a healthy heart beat on Friday. I just want a healthy baby in my arms. I want my baby to smile at me.


They got me, stupid commercial making me all goofy and gooberfied.


Kate said...

Wow. I'm gonna be a horrible ball of emotions when I finally get pregnant cause that commercial already makes me cry!! Still praying for the healthy heartbeat on Friday!

Sarah said...

Damn commercials!

Sarah said...

I hate those commercials.

I cant wait to read all about the heartbeat on Friday.

Big hugs!

Sarah said...

I just realized you have the same due date as a friend of mine. Cool.