Thursday, November 10, 2011

In the midst of badness there was goodness

I missed Halloween. Thanks to a parent for sending their sick and puking child to school on that Friday, I woke up in the middle of the night Sunday/Monday thinking I was in the throes of hell aka as morning sickness...until, well I will save you the details, just know it wasn't pretty and then OMG I was about to keel over. I called Dr M's office who stated I should probably go to the ER and get fluids.

8 hours later and a couple bags of fluids they asked if I wanted an u/s..well yes since we are here and my co-pay for an ER visit is outrageous, I might as well tack on something worth coming in here since I am missing seeing the girls in their costumes and saying "ick or tweet"


We have a heartbeat! 122 bpm which for 5wks 6 days (which I was at the time) was "normal"! I heart "normal"!

Had an appt 2 days later with Dr M and there was still a little flickering heart in there! He asked so you want to come back in 2 weeks or 4? What do you think? See ya in 2 weeks! Which was really last week, so next week we go back and I will be 8w1d.

Other than that, busy busy busy. Loving on the girls and trying to survive this last class for my master's.

Sorry no pics of the girls..I haven't uploaded and Bobby really didn't take many Halloween night cause he was overloaded and all, you know with the 2 kids and taking them trick or treating, cause being with 2 kids by yourself is hard! Just sayin'!