Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sad September

Our Mommy went back to work and that sucks! We are mad and we don't like it!

So September has started and with that it means, Mommy is back to work. I did not go easily, I went kicking and screaming. Then Irene came and though I didn't have power for days, I enjoyed having a few more days with the girls- power or no power. Isn't it pathetic, I enjoyed a hurricane cause I got to be with my kids? Sad. Now I am eyeing the tropics, just kidding...kinda. No really we were lucky in that we had minimal damage and we are all safe. It was a pain to not have power for over 4 days with 2 kids, but a generator is nice thing to have. Our area still has alot of damage.

A friend coined the term "Sad Sundays", you know the afternoon on Sundays when you realize that Monday is right around the corner and you get all glassy eyed. That's how I feel about September...and every Sunday of course but only during the school year.

Here's some of the girls 2 year portraits:

My precious Kristin

Chillin' Kristin

My loving Lara

Laughing girl

In other news, last month BFN, but I do believe I Oed on my own. I had my second 28 day cycle but with some major monitor mix up we missed prime time per se.

However, I am currently 1dpo. And I managed to get in some good BD in. So now we wait. Just hoping for whatever God has in store for us. Starting to accept that our family is probably complete. Which that's ok. But #3 would be awesome too! Time will tell!


Our Family said...

so cute! i'm in the midst of planning rachel's birthday and i need to wrangle up a photographer to take family photos - rachel's 2 year, the 4 of us and charlie's "newborn". fun stuff!

Mel said...

Awe! Adorable pics! I love the first one. LOL.