Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I could have a passel!

Last week in the bath tub Lara just reached over and kissed Kristin:

Last night Kristin hugged and kissed Lara:

OMG they melt my heart. It brought tears to my eyes, as they were holding hands and talking and laughing with each other, I felt a little left out. I figure that will be what happens when they are 13 and I am no longer cool.

I keep getting things from WTE that says that your baby enjoys side by side play but really isn't interacting with other babies. They don't send much (or anything) in the way of having twins, but I am guessing that multiples makes the side by side play null and void. Mine play together. They want to be near each other. The exchange food, sippies, etc... they also fight over toys, food, sippies, toothbrushes etc. They must love each other, right? As you can see they do alot together like climbing onto the couch to look out the window:

Or have Lara pass Kristin the toys as Kristin sits/stands on the coffee table:

Watching them grow makes my heart ache. They are so cute with each other. Makes the baby bug bite....kinda.

**I get lucky with pics since I carry the camera or my phone wiht me and luckily, they kissed on each other a few times, so I got the pic and a video, but in the video they show more of them "bare"... and I don't want some nasty child mole.ster to be looking at my kids, so no video, sorry.


sarah said...


Ohh... they were kissing! ;) That is super adorable. Evan on does side by side playing. Its so neat to see that differnce in twins.

Dawn said...

LOL WTE is off on alot of what they say anyway. The pictures are SUPER cute, I can't believe how big they are getting!!!! I hear ya on the baby bug biting, we're talking about a baby brother or sister for Aiden and he's not even 2 yet LOL As much I'm sure we all wanna see the video as parents we understand, safety first :-)

Amy said...

That is so freaking cute! I hope my twins love each other that much! :)