Monday, September 6, 2010

My new life...

So a year after my children were born my life has changed dramatically. I know you must be thinking... yeah having a kid(s) does that. But I mean things have severely changed for me. Here's how things have changed in no particular order:

1. Sleeping in on the weekends means maybe to 7:30 (sometimes later if it is a good morning)

2. Eating in 5 minutes (no wonder I am still fat)

3. Not going out on Friday or Saturday nights (and I don't even care, I'd rather be at home anyway)

4. Wanting to make my girls "stop" right at the age they are (I have done this a few times in their mere 1 year of life thus far)

5. I don't even know if I brush my hair somedays...and once again I don't care if I did or didn't

6. I'd rather buy something for them than me.

7. Sometimes I go in their room at night and look at them while they sleep and wonder how I made something that is THAT cute and if it is possible to love them any more than I do.

8. I find myself wondering how I thought I was "tired" before!

9. I say "No", "Sit down please, we don't stand in the tub" and "we don't throw our food on the floor" at least 200 times a day. Along with other phrases like 'Say thank you mommy'

10. An "adventure" is going to Target close to nap time!

11. Going out by myself to Target (after I put the girls to bed and Bobby is home) is "alone time"

12. That I am pissed M-F when I leave my house to go to work with someone else watching my kids (that includes Bobby watching them, I don't like it)

And I know that isn't all, but this is the shocking one for me:

I WANT to be a SAHM, well part time. I only want to work like 10 hours a week but get a full paycheck like I do now.

I know everyone's life changes "after baby". But I never in a million years thought I'd ever want to be a SAHM. But I do. I like being at home with them. I want to keep doing all those fun things I did all summer long with them. I want to keep going on "play dates" and watching them discover the world.

I DON'T want to go back to work at school. I want to be at home.

Anyone know of a job where I work minimal hours but get a full-time paycheck and all?

Interesting things around here:

Lara yells 'Krit-tin" (OMG I could eat them up)
They both climb onto the couch and anything they can (the hearth as well where it is fun to sit and push all the toys and books off, See pictures below)
They "talk" all the time and then laugh (probably at me)
They hold hands and share food from their highchairs (Once again, freaking adorable)

Here's some pictures cause I think they are the cutest bay-bays evah!

Kristin in her "If you think I am cute you should see my twin sister" outfit

The world looks better upside down!

Lara is going to be the next Dolce and Gabbana... she loves clothes

Lara's twin sister "rocks"

** Note: 3 of the 4 pictures are on the "baby proofed hearth" where they play etc. as if they don't have an overabudance of toys!


Kate said...

Love those cuties!!!

'Murgdan' said...

Amen. Amen. and Amen. And I only have one. :-) They are beautiful!