Friday, November 12, 2010

100 posts and two 15 month olds later

This is my 100th post! And here we are: a happy little family of 4! The battles and struggles to get here are not forgotten, but have made me the person I am today. That could be good or bad, I guess depends on who you ask. But anywho...

So instead of the last PPD post, I decided to do a post on my girls.

Today we went to the dr. for their 15 month appt. He said they were "perfect and healthy" and that is all that matters. They are already doing some 18 month milestones so we are moving along.

Kristin is 20 lbs 8 oz (10th percent) 29 1/2 in (10th) and 18 in head circum (50th)
Lara is 18 lbs (less than 3rd) and 28 1/2 (3rd) and 17 5/8 in head circumference (25th)

Since Lara is still so small, we will stay in the infant seats and stay backwards facing for Kristin. It is easier to carry the infant seats out to the car and only have to make one trip with them. Mind you, I have already done at least 1 other trip of just "stuff" aka- purse, diaper bag, lunch bag (on school days)and whatever else we need for the outing.

Just glad they are healthy and meeting the milestones that they should be.

Here are the girls sitting together with BARELY any toys to play with and no books to read. Don't you feel sorry for them? Isn't it a shame that they have SO little? They are probably hoping for a few toys for Christmas... poor babies!

This is Kristin's new "What? I am not doing anything" face.

Her laugh can bring tears to my eyes. She laughs whole heartily and so enthusiastically.

Little Ladybug Lara

Lara jabbers non stop and then laughs so whatever she is saying it must be funny!


The Fluck Family said...

so beautiful!!

A Few Good Sperm said...

Did your doctor tell you to stay rear facing until they are 2?

Courtney said...

He did say I could turn Kristin around. I said it was easier to stay in the infant seats so I could carry them out to the car at the same time. He said OK. I know it is safer backwards anyway.

I do plan to turn them around when Lara hits 20lbs, which might be at 2 for all I know! They get a little fussy riding in the car on longer trips, so I wonder if they get carsick. I don't do well riding backwards, in the mountains, etc, so maybe they do too. I might break out their Myride 65 by Gracos and do those backwards at some point, I don't know. We'll see.

A Few Good Sperm said...

Oh, how I envy you. We have absolutely no leg room up front but we've been told to keep them rear facing until 2. I know it's up to me, but of course I'm going to do what's best for them. We're already well past the 20 lb mark so maybe I'll fudge and go to 18 months. We'll see how long we can stand it!