Monday, February 1, 2010

Sweet Potatoes, Snow and 1st tooth

My good friend Leanne took time away from her 4 yr old son and her almost 2 yr old boy/girl twins and loaned me her food processor and we made 96 ozs of sweet potatoes! Yes, I homemade baby food in the attempt to save money and cause well... why not? In the next few days I will make some carrots and squash and butternut squash... oh the choices are unlimited!

We got a nice snow- the first "real" snow in a few years. 6 inches fell on the ground and we introduced the girls to the snow. Bobby held them and I put snow in their hands- we had a little protests with some grunts and all, but they held some snow in their cute little chubby hands. And then immediately put their hands in their mouths.

As I was cleaning up the bowls of sweet potatoes, I put some on my finger and put it in Kristin's mouth and lo and behold... there was a tooth cutting through! How did that happen? How are they growing this fast? I want them to stay babies! *tear*

Bobby and the girls

Kristin and her sweet potatoes

Lara likes to wear her sweet potatoes as well as eat them

I never knew I could love 2 little things so much! They grow more and more fun everyday! I look forward to their toothless grins... oh yeah.. Kristin won't have one much longer.


sarah said...

Im inspired to try making some homemade baby food!

They do seem to be growing at the speed of light!

just me, dawn said...

cutie pies!! I am going to attempt to make baby food when the time comes, so if you have any helpful hints, please share :)

Dawn said...

YAY to new pics :-) Oh my, they are getting so BIG and even more beautiful! That is awsome that Kristen is getting a tooth and you didn't know it, she seems to be taking teething very well. It's nice to hear you are happy :-)

腳亞子 said...


Sarah said...

I made all my own baby food. It was fun! goddess, those girls are beautiful!