Saturday, October 25, 2008

And We're Off....

I am officially in the race... I mean study.

I went yesterday to have CD 3 blood work and an ultrasound (u/s) done. It took longer than expected, but I did get a gift bag full of meds that made all the waiting worth it. I should have said "trick or treat" cause it was a baggie full of some good stuff- a Follistim pen, needles, a 600 IU cartridge of Follistim, and 3 Ganirelix shots! I'll take that bag any day instead of having to call Success Meds with my credit card in hand- I'll be your guinea pig.

I am in group 2 of the study- which means I take the Follistim prescribed ( right now it is 75 units until I go back Wed morning for an u/s and more blood work) and when my follies get to 13mm I will take the Ganirelix until the follies reach 18-20 mm and then I do the HCG trigger to stimulate ovulation. Then IUI (inter uterine insemination) and some good ole fashion timed intercourse! Yeah! What man doesn't love to hear IUI?? Cause mine was like- what's wrong with us going home? Hmmm... cause that's the study's rules.

Last night was my first Follistim injection, which is funny now but not so hilarious at the time. First off, Bobby looked like he was going to "stab" me, he was holding the pen like a dagger, which freaked me out. He "scraped" the needle across my tender skin of my belly and caused me to bled like a stuck pig. THEN after he delivered the med- he went to cap the needle and stuck himself! Dumbass. Thank God it was me and not some crackhead in the ambulance! Ughh! Of course, he tells me he has never accidentally stuck himself before, but I am just glad it was my needle and not someone with HIV or Hep C. I teased him the rest of the night asking him- who's ovaries we going to grow better eggs- his or mine!! He didn't think that was funny. Hopefully, tonight will be uneventful as I will be giving it to myself for the first time.
No side effects from the Follistim last night- which after taking Clomid and getting hot flashes almost immediately, I am happy to have slept all the way through the night!
On the diet front-I lost 2 more lbs!! That makes 48 lbs total!! SO close to my goal of 50 lbs. Will I lose 2 more lbs before I get pregnant... I don't know...only time will tell.


Sarah said...

There is NO way my husband is coming near me with a needle of any kind. NOPE! I'll be doing my own injections. You're a brave girl. =)

GoteeMan said...

Yep, I have had to give injections to my wife for some time now...
It was really hard at first, but now am pretty comfortable with it... Things I have learned:
-Pinching up the injection area helps to make it less painful.
-Make it fast with the needle - going in slow hurts alot.
-Make sure to check for a blood return, to be sure it goes into tissue instead of bloodstream.
-Apply pressure with a cotton ball when removing the needle.

Hope it all goes well... and praying for you both. K and I had 3 miscarriages, and then our other 2 carries are now 9 and 12, but both were high risk pregnancies...

J/ (