Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Right on time for a change

For the first time in the last 18 months, I cried from joy when I saw AF!! It was right on time and I makes my Friday appt for CD 3 (cycle day) an actual event that can happen! I can't believe my body actually listened for a change!! I love bc pills!! It made things very timely! I am so happy!!
For right now, I am enjoying the quiet going on in my ovaries. No O pain, no twinges, just nothing. I realize in a few days all of that is going to change and I am starting to get really nervous/anxious about starting these meds. I know that Follistim and Ganirelix is going to put alot of stress on my body, and I am not sure how the hormones will affect me. But I am still going to do it!!
I need some good meds and lots of good vibes! Hopefully **fingers crossed** this is it!


AmyC623 said...

Yay! Happy, uh, Menses! Sorry, I'm in a weird mood. But I'm very happy that you had a well-timed visit from AF and you can get your ovarian stimulation on the road. I didn't think the Follisitim was too bad, actually. Okay, so the first month I cried, but I got over it. The FSH is just the same stuff your pituitary is squirting out, it's just in a cool, subcutaneous injection form. I am sending (((HUGS))) and (((COURAGE))) your way!

Dawn's Recipes / The Baby Blog said...

Congrats, girl! I'm glad she's here on cue. :) I haven't had the pleasure of using Follistim, but the Ganirelix didn't seem to do anything whacky to my body. (It was the Gonal-f and Ovidrel that wreaked havoc.) So, I hope it's pretty much unnoticeable for you! Good luck!

KandiB said...

Yay! ...And, your off! Woot woot! It's exciting, for sure. You'll do great. Are you using the Follistim pen? The needle is soooooo tiny you don't feel a thing. Just press the plunger super super super slow. And you'll do GREAT!

Sarah said...