Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gettin' Ready for the In-laws

I have to admit I love my in-laws!! I know it is crazy- but I am truly happy that I married into this family and that we all get along so well. Which is pretty amazing. But I think it is really because we spend a lot of time with these:

Just kidding. Bobby's family and I spend a lot of time relaxing and the motto is "It is 5 o'clock somewhere". You can hear at least 10 times during a weekend get together- "I am on vacation". Those seem to be the theme to our lives, if only to excuse the fact that we have eye openers- Mimosas or Bloody Marys or Baileys in your coffee. And I don't even drink coffee, but if it has Bailey's then it makes it better, right? Before we move onto beer and then cocktail hour before dinner, wine at dinner and then after dinner drinks, while we play cards- which is a family tradition. So, since I am not pregnant then I get to enjoy one last Hoorah with my in laws!!

So in preparation for the arrival of my in-laws, I spent the weekend with my best friends- Mr Clean, Swifer, Pledge, Lysol, and Scrubbing Bubbles. I bust my ass cleaning before my in-laws come every time. I wipe off anything and everything in my house. I literally clean stuff that most people don't clean. I not only dust and do the normal stuff- I get on my hands and knees and scrub my baseboards and wash the windows. I wipe down all the cabinets with Murphy's Oil Soap. I bleach out my trashcans and recycling containers. I also wash every single glass in our bar and wipe off every liquor bottle we have. I don't know why- since some of you know that I keep my house in immaculate condition- but still I give it the white glove test before my in-laws come. I know they probably don't even notice but still, it is part of my self diagnosed OCD.

I must have done 20 loads of laundry- sheets, towels, and all the throw rugs in the house. Not to mention just the normal laundry. I feel like I worked in a hotel this weekend!! I did all this to turn around and do it again on Sunday after they leave since I can't go back to work with the house not straighten back up! I am a weirdo- maybe I need to see someone about this obsession to have everything be "fresh" before company arrives. 'Cause I do it no matter who is coming- even when it is my family!!

But the most exciting part is that this will be my family on Saturday at Busch Gardens!

I get to ride all the rides!! Since I am not pregnant and all! I can't wait cause seriously- I want this to be the last time I get to go to Busch and ride the 'big kid' rides. I want to go and play with my kid(s) in the "Land of the Dragons"! So I am going to drink my way around the park and ride all the rides that have the warning: "Women who are pregnant should not ride" I will make that sacrifice!
My post op appt is Friday at lunchtime and my in-laws arrive in the afternoon. And by my bc pill count- AF should start over the weekend so at my post op besides finding out what they did during the surgery- I am going to find out about this Follistim cycle we are getting ready to start! Yee Ha! I am so ready so that I can end my last Hoorah with a BANG- a BFP!


Murgdan said...

Oooooh. Your post made me drool. Alcohol AND cleaning!!! Ahhhh--that's my style. (I spent the weekend cleaning too!!!) (but not drinking, thanks to my new low carb diet).

Enjoy what I hope is your LAST hoo-rah. Hopefully by the next visit you'll be too pregnant to drink, clean OR ride roller coasters.

Kate said...

So...when are you coming to clean my house? I've been trying to get it Martha Stewart clean and organized and I seem to be failing miserably!