Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Oh baby"

Or "Oh babies" in my case

We had the girls' pictures taken again... I spent WAY TOO much AGAIN! But damn, they are SO cute I can't help it! I went in only planning on spending a certain amount and came out spending twice that- as usual! I can't help it! They are changing so fast and they won't be "babies" much longer!

The place we take them to get their pictures done is awesome. This lady made some weird noises and Kristin wasn't too sure and made "my" wth face. Even I couldn't tell if Lara was about to laugh or cry. But then I said hold on let me get them to smile and voila!

I love this one of Kristin cause she was cracking up!

Kristin has the WTH face here but they are still so cute!

These are actual individual pictures of them, but in order to get the picture of the picture to come out right I had to put them together, in my pictures their dresses aren't cut off.

Kristin lifted up in the "airplane"

Lara in the "airplane"

I just can't believe how fast they are growing! It is going by in a blur!

The past few days Lara does "baby lock jaw" and refuses to open her mouth for spoon feedings. So I decided to try letting them feed themselves more than just cheese and Cheerios and goldfish and Gerber snacks, I cooked up some zucchini thinking I would have a few days worth but NOPE, they ate it all in one feeding!

Little new milestones:

Kristin is cruising like crazy! She moves all the way around the room holding on to the furniture. She even turns from the love seat and takes one to two "steps" not holding on until she gets her little hands on the coffee table! Dear God! Help me!! I can't believe my little baby is going to walk sooner rather than later! She plays "So big" with me (which is raising her hands up over her head). She also bounces and dances (I guess that's what she is doing).

Lara is pulling up on everything! She has learned how to get up but getting down isn't as easy for her yet! She claps her hands and I swear it sounds like she is saying "YAY" (cause that's what I do). Lara and Kristin's cribs are down one wall in their room and they met now and reach over to each other and cry and hold hands! So cute... even if they are crying! I got to get a picture!


Kate said...

That is so cute that they hold hands! My boss has twins (adult now) and their cribs weren't right next to each other, so they would shake them to move them together.

Lindsay said...

Awww what cuties!!!!

sarah said...

It's shocking how they begin to move on their own, isn't it?

Such pretty girls!

I don't think I would have been able to stick to a budget with such great photos either!

Cupcake Dreamer said...

It's always hard to draw the line on pictures. Especially when you have not only one baby, but two. :)

Amber D'Amico said...

The pictures are SO CUTE!! I want to see one of them crying and holding hands, when you snap one of it... it sounds precious. :)

The Fluck Family said...

nice pictures, court! someday we'll meet up!

Anonymous said...