Sunday, May 9, 2010

This weekend

I am alive. I am just not as good at this blogging thing as I am constantly wiping honeys, washing babies, getting snot off cute little faces with my shirt, pumping (yep still pumping... can't say I will be sorry to stop that)or doing something for others. But anyway... We went to Bobby's parents this weekend and the girls go to

Swim for the 1st time! Aren't they cutey-patooties!?!?

I love their little sunglasses.

And we had the girls christened. It was a beautiful day and we had the ceremony in Bobby's parents garden that they had built after his sister's life was cut short defending our nation. There was some cool things that happened during the day that day. As I was getting dressed, I found 2 of Reese's dog hairs in my travel jewelry pouch (damn I miss that dog, but he managed to be with me). During the ceremony 2 butterflies flew through... my dad and Bobby's sister ... perhaps?? I guess you could say it was coincidental. I choose to believe it wasn't.. cause I like to feel that spirits can be with us on important days.

And of course today was my 1st Mother's day. It was a beautiful day. Bobby and the girls gave me a beautiful set of earrings (I LOVE jewelry). And I consider myself to be lucky. In the back of my head, for a moment, I thought this should have been my 3rd Mother's day. But it was my first. It is weird for me. 2 years ago I should have had a brand new baby on Cinco de Mayo 2008. But May of 2008 I was dealing with HUGE cysts from Clomid and I wasn't getting pregnant instead and I was pissed. And here it is May 2010 and I have been through alot and I have two beautiful girls so why should I think of what could have been? Cause I am super lucky to have what I have. I am lucky. I am happy. I am a Mommy!

Happy Mother's Day to my mommy followers, and the mommies- to- be and those that are going to be mommies in the future.

OMG I just previewed before I hit publish and OMG I look like a big fat purple people eater! WTH? Ugghhh... I've got to do something. Can you do South Beach while breastfeeding? I look like Barney! BLAH! I am going to go throw up my dinner now!


Courtney said...

Okay, so I'm just a random blog follower who found your blog searching for my name and pregnancy blogs a while back (it's a long story)...but anyway, my midwife actually suggested South Beach for weight loss while BFing - she just suggested skipping Phase 1. I haven't started yet, but I plan to soon.

AmyC623 said...

I love those swimmy things the girls were in! Those are awesome! Also, you do not look like a purple people eater - don't be so hard on yourself :) I'm glad you got a chance to update! I missed you!

Amber D'Amico said...

The girls are adorable in their swimsuits! Happy Mothers Day! And you ALL look fabulous, what a great way to celebrate mother's day!!

Cupcake Dreamer said...

What cuties! I wish the weather was nice enough to swim. Love their matching swimsuits.

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