Sunday, November 30, 2008

What happened?

Bobby and I went to the Jones Institute yesterday for a Follie scan and blood work.

When we went on Weds there were 3 eggs. Yesterday, there were 2 good ones. WTF? What happened? Where did the other one go? Makes me a little nervous.... they had extended my Follistim on Wednesday when I called to get my dosage and changed my appointment time from Friday to Saturday. Then yesterday to have "lost" an egg... how does that happen? And they weren't much bigger. Each ovary has one follicle- which is different for me cause usually my left ovary doesn't do anything. But I have a 17mm on my right and 15 mm on my left.

I know it only takes one, but still. This cycle is making me nervous.

Trigger shot tonight... IUI on Tuesday. I need something cause I am not feeling very confident this month.

I have had some moments cause last Thanksgiving I got a BFP- this year STILL ttc a baby. UGHH! I got pregnant two times on my own and now since the miscarriages and starting fertility treatments- NOTHING! I don't get how this is so hard for some and really easy for others. Enough of my ranting....

I hope this cycle that seems to be falling apart will work.


The one and now only Jodi Bird said...

Oh I hope this is your month. Good luck.

Sarah said...

Jeeze, that is very frustrating!

I hope this is just all one big sucessful suprise this month. *fingers crossed*

Happy IUIing this weekend.

Sarah said...

Dude! That sucks! I'm sorry...I hope this cycle works out.

Hee hee! My word verification is "wower" Like! Gotta be a good sign right? =)

AmyC623 said...

I would be frustrated and wondering what happened to the other egg too! I am keeping my fingers crossed for your IUI on Tuesday. We should be getting our BFPs at the same time!

Joye said...

Be strong, little eggs, be strong! Good luck!

jenjam said...

Good Luck Courtney..*fingers crossed*