Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1st Beta draw

That's right- 285 at 13 dpo! Progesterone was 45. Nurse said they were "excellent"! WOO HOO!
I did freak out yesterday and today cause I started spotting last night and then some this morning. I called and spoke to a nurse (not nurse Beth who is on vacation for 2 weeks, wth?? she is missing my BFP) Anyway, she said spotting was normal and given my history of miscarriage they put me on "pelvic rest" and light exercise. I decided to fore go exercise right now. Which is hard for me but a baby is WAY more important than a few days of exercise.
So aside from freaking the hell out- I am moving right along. Next Beta draw Friday.
Any bets on what it might be?
(By the way- the sign is for you my GA gals)


Sarah said...

I guess: 622! Come on TWINS!

Lea said...

That's a great number! I'm too tired to do math right now ;) But I hope your numbers keep climbing like they should!

Kate said...

Can't wait to see Friday's numbers. I hope I'll be sending you the penny and paperclip! :)

KandiB said...

Woot woot! I think mine was 250...so about the same. Fantastic! I can't WAIT until next week. I'm so excited.