Saturday, September 13, 2008

Is it hot in here?

Hot, hazy, and humid. That's how you can describe my body right now. I have spent the last 22 days in a hot and hazy daze- first from the Clomid and now from the Progestrone. I wonder if I am really TTC or if I am going through menopause- I now know why my mom seemed a little crazy while she was going through the change- You are frying your brain inside your skull! I am constantly wavering between feeling like my chest will burst because I am so hot or just sweating in places that I didn't know had sweat glands. I wake up every morning in a nasty sweat that is just GROSS! Ahh those lovely side effects from the drugs.

I also think that these drugs actually make the insanity plea plausible. Don't tell Bobby- but I think these hormones can make you say just about anything plus they make me a little more sensitive than usual. I am more likely than not to lose it while I do just about anything, driving is the big thing right now. I know that I have road range and I am flipping people off left and right here lately. My patience is null and void right now. Why you say? I don't really know but I think it is from the hormones induced by drugs, these drs are like pushers they have you hooked thinking that this concoction of drugs will help you succeed in getting pregnant. So any infertile knows- you will try almost anything to achieve that dream! I am fully admitting that I will try pretty much anything to get pregnant! I have heard some 'good' advice on how I can get pregnant- but I'll save that for another blog.

I guess besides being sweaty and hormonal, my next biggest complaint from these drugs that are suppose to help get me pregnant and maintain a pregnancy is that I am tired of being tired! Since I become an enraging inferno mostly at night, I throw off the covers and sit up and turn the fan up higher and I wonder what people did before a/c. And if I am lucky I will fall back asleep only to awaken shivering as I am freezing after all the sweat has dried and I have no covers on, BTW not complaining about being cold just that I am awaken AGAIN. So usually this happens several times through out the night. Which if you know me then you know that I love my sleep!! I can sleep on demand if need be, always have- right now not so much. I love sleeping in on the weekends and during the summer- one of those things I am trying to enjoy before I have kids and they get up early. But I hope they take more after me in that aspect and will enjoy sleeping in.

Ok enough of my grumbles about the side effects- but if I tend to be testy now you know why. It is all kind of bundled into one big cause- Hormonal Drugs!!

So I guess I need to warn some that may read here that there is no bars held here. Whenever and whatever I feel like saying I will and that includes the words that I have learned from the kids at school! So sorry in advance but I can be vulgar and graphic- can't help it- it's the hormones!!

Great day- Virginia Tech beat Georgia Tech!! YAY!! I love my college football! Go Hokies!!

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