Sunday, September 21, 2008

Put on your Big Girl Panties!!

Ok, I am not that skinny in my panties, but it's my blog so I can do whatever I want!!
So after a day of being pissed about my BFN I decided to come up with somethings that will make this positive! So here's my list:
1. I WILL lose more weight before I get my BFP. I have lost 46 lbs so far and I will lose at least
4 more lbs! I WILL that is the end of that!
2. I am going to tan!! I know, I know it is bad for my skin but I want to have that pregnancy
"glow" even if I am not pregnant!! Plus, having a little color will help me when it is time to take
my belly pics!! You don't want to see my white belly!!
3. I'll get to help Bobby remodel our bathroom. Ok, I was really hoping I could just supervise,
but I guess I''ll throw in some old fashion elbow grease to help him! Remember, I am trying
to be positive.
4. I am sure there's some other good stuff out there but this is all I could think of! After all I am
only human and I am still disappointed that it is another round of something whatever that
may be!
I will call in the morning to see what the game plan is for us, so

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Sarah said...

Congrats on all the weight loss! Thats fantastic!! Wish I could lose some of my extra poundage.