Monday, September 15, 2008

We are SO not happy about it!

So I get to rant now and I am sorry for this and I hope it doesn't get any one's panties all in a wad like mine were. Just to keep this on a professional level- (HA like I can do that anyway) I will keep people anonymous.

Let's call this person "Susie"- Susie and I know each other, we are not exactly friends but we talk on occasion and she KNOWS we are going through fertility treatments and that I have been ttc for quite some time now.

So Susie casually tells me she is pregnant (Great for her I am truly happy for people when they tell me they are pregnant- it is a miracle) and then in the same breath says "And we are NONE too happy about it" Thankfully I used my acting skills and I didn't look as appalled as I obviously am as I stand there with an empty womb and I would just about do anything to have a child in my arms. I tried not to envision myself bitch slapping her - but I did. I try to teach the kids at school that violence is not the answer and they have told me that sometimes it is- I see their point now. Then proceeds to say how she was on bc ( birth control)! Holy shit, I haven't tried that but maybe I need some bc to get pregnant- I'll ask Dr. Never Smiles about that at my next RE (reproductive endocrinologist) appt. She might smile at me then!! ( J/K she does laugh/smile at me- who doesn't I ask?) Maybe she'll write me out a script for some good ole bc for me to get knocked up!! I mean shit we have tried alot of things so far- but bc wasn't one of them. And to top it off -then tells me that I will be able to help her get through this. With what my knowledge on how to get pregnant and your menstrual cycle? I don't know what happens when you are pregnant- never made it through the first trimester myself. But alas, I must be that person that looks like I give 2 shits.

My thought for this is- why the fuck would you tell someone that you know is going through fertility treatments that you are not too happy about being pregnant?? I would chop off my arm and give away my kidney to have a baby! I use to want a passel of kids- now I will be happy if I can just get one and bring it home from the hospital with all ten fingers and toes! I mean can people be any more inconsiderate? I actually already know the answer because I know that people have said worse. Like "just relax" or "I didn't do any of those ovulation thingies you are doing and I got pregnant, stop wasting your money on that stuff" " I just stopped thinking about it" "Are you propping up your feet on the headboard after sex?' "Maybe ya'll should go on vacation" (we went on a cruise to Alaska, any more relaxed and I would be dead- but still not pregnant)

The careless comments about maybe stopping the treatments is one I really enjoy too. Goes along with the whole "I didn't use all those pee sticks and I have 3 kids" well that's great cause Dr Never Smiles and Dr Austrian I am sure are wrong in treating me for infertility since I am apparently fertile if I would just relax and stop trying so hard.

So my thanks is to Cindy- she has helped me see the humor in ttc and that if we don't laugh we would all go insane! (I also borrowed this video clip- have to it fits)

I know I must be wasting my money at Jones Institute since I have had so any people tell me how to get pregnant "I should just relax". damn I should have thought about relaxing- I don't know 17 months ago.... but I think I will go relax now and see if that results in me being with child!!


Murgdan said...

Well. I, of course, now have to tell my husband to 'just relax'...I guess that means I'm off the hook and I don't have to anymore. Now I can just freak out.

This is one of the worst comments I've read. Read "Sometimes people should just keep quiet"

Just1Lyzz said...

God.....I so know all about those we've discussed. People should be way more ashamed of themselves than they are! I'm still here rooting for ya!

Kerri said...

All i have to say is *HUGS* and we all LOVE you!