Monday, September 22, 2008

TTC is a highway!!

Full of twists and bumps and road kill! Some people get to exit off early, others have to keep driving- like on the road cross country or something! So I am on my cross country adventure to be with child or children- whichever!!

No use in sugar coating it any more for myself, I have accepted reality that it is only going to cost more and more for me to get pregnant and then we won't have any money to raise our wee ones. But they will be loved and wanted!! Who needs clothes when you have love? We have 8 tomato plants in the backyard- we'll live on tomatoes and love!!

I called the Jones Inst. yesterday and the nurse I love was out sick!! She sounded fine on Friday when I talked to her! Ha! The other nurse that called me back had no idea what was going on with me so I just made my appt to see Dr Never Smiles and I will go about my merry way! I do have to drive over to the other side of the water to see her, which takes about an hour, but it will be worth it!! I want her to tell me what we need to do!! She is MY dr however and I feel very comfortable with her!

So there you have it- a play by play! Next step u/s tomorrow afternoon! Hopefully, Clomid did not overstimulate me- like it has before! If I need to move on then I need to not be overstimulated!! No grapefruit sized ovaries here please!! Need nice, regular sized ones please!! I have been a good girl and done everything the drs have asked of me- so body give me a break please!! I just want a normal u/s and a go ahead to do something!! I want a baby belly already!! Sheesh!! What's a girl gotta do around here to get knocked up?


Sarah said...

Tomatoes and Love! <--- AWESOME! Good luck on your U/S. I hope for nice walnut sized overies are what you see!

AmyC623 said...

Your baby will be awesome. I hope you see some perfetly sized/shaped ovaries and get a plan of action from your doctor!!!!! I can't wait to hear more!