Friday, September 12, 2008

My first Blog

So yesterday my teaching assistant said "You should write a blog, Courtney" which I had already been thinking about but figured I didn't have anything new to say about infertility that hasn't already been said. But here goes...

I am very open and honest with pretty much anybody and everybody about the "Trial and Tribulations of my Hoo-Ha" especially now that I think everyone has seen it- well as long as they are wearing a white coat!

I am starting this blog in the hopes to relieve some of the tension off of myself and to give you some behind the scenes footage of infertility treatments. Hopefully, with some luck and good ole fashion sperm meeting up with the egg, I will achieve pregnancy and then I can rant about that for 9 months!!

The infertility issue we have is with my ovaries and me. I was diagnosed in February with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) and some pretty wacky and weird stuff that was going on with my body. So PCOS means that I am anovulatory (not ovulating or not ovulating mature eggs). To help reduce some of the symptoms of PCOS, I began South Beach (which I LOVE) and I have lost over 43 lbs. Depends on what I ate the night before will depend on my weight loss. But that was the first line of defense for me- the dr said lose weight so I have- womb is still empty. WTH? But anyway- can't say I didn't try!

We are currently at the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine. I love my drs.- well some of them anyway. But they are super knowledgeable and have said their job is to get me pregnant- anyone who says that and can also accomplish it- gets a prize!! We have had other testing in the past few months- I had an HSG (which I don't know the whole name) which is where they shoot dye into the uterus and fallopian tubes to make sure everything is clear and there are no blockages- I got a perfect A+ (ALL CLEAR)! Bobby also had a sperm analysis which he did well too. He was "normal" and deserves an A as well. He has a good sperm count and morphology. Thank God- one less thing we didn't have to throw into the mix.

I are taking Clomid , Metformin (to help with the PCOS insulin resistance), baby aspirin, B12, Folic Acid, prenatals, Ovidrel (a trigger shot to make me ovulate), and Progestrone this cycle. We also did IUI (interuterine insemination) last Friday. Maybe we'll be like Jon and Kate plus 8?? She has PCOS and did IUI.... only time will tell

cause I am officially in part duex of my 2ww (2 week wait). Which means I have one more week until I can test to see if I am pregnant. So fingers crossed and lots of sprinkles of babydust or magic or whatever that will or can knock me up.

I promise to get some pretty stuff on here too pretty soon, just wanted to get this up and going. Oh I got my title from all the inconsiderate people that are fertile that have said to me "it'll happen when you least expect it" Well at this point every month I least expect it so will it happen NOW? How about now? Ahhh... the life of being infertile and the waiting that goes along with TTC.



Murgdan said...

Welcome to blogdom, Courtney! :-) Thanks for suggesting my blog at 'Redbook'. I shamelessly suggested myself as well, but your post there sent a woman to my blog who is a nurse in Mass. and sent me a ton of job postings at her hospital (she paid just $200 bucks total for IVF/ICSI).
Anyway...I'm happy to add you to my list of blogs!!! :-)

Cynthia said...

I love it Courtney! Now we can be blogging buddies! I can't wait to read all you have to say.


Sarah said...

YAY!! Glad to see you are now blogging! Fantastic!